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Tips To Avoid Respiratory Diseases

 Respiratory disease can create lot of problems if the infection becomes chronic. There are many possible measure you can follow to avoid the respiratory disease. Many different kinds of respiratory diseases interfere with breathing. The diseases which affect the nasal area, throat, windpipe and the lungs are colds, influenza, allergic Rhinitis.  Some of the serious respiratory diseases are asthma, tuberculosis, cystic Fibrosis, obstructive lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease.

 The first preventive measure is to quit the smoking habits.  If you do not smoke, do not start smoking.  Since the cigarette cause severe damage to lung. By stopping it, you can make the lung healthy and prevent from various kinds of respiratory diseases.

Need to teach the children about the ill effects of smoking.  It is better to quit smoking and must be a role model for others.

People who have the habit of second-hand smoke, even they must completely avoid such things.  The risk factor for respiratory disease is very high in case of breathing the smoke from cigarettes and pipes.  Need to learn the basic smoking mannerism that any individual should not smoke in places in like home, in the car, or at work.

Each individual need to fight against germs by washing your hands properly and even while coughing or sneezes; one must cultivate the habit of covering the mouth with hand in order to prevent the disease from spreading to others.  This method will prevent from various infectious lung diseases like the flu, colds etc.

Certain measure as to be taken to control outdoor air pollution in order to keep the air clean which we breathe.  Not only outdoor air pollution, the indoor air pollution also to be reduced.

 Regular exercises not only make the body fit and healthy, it can make the internal organs to function properly and make it healthier.  Certain exercise makes lungs stronger and by providing more oxygen that are required for the body.  It also helps to boost the body to fight germs by increasing the body immune system.

If individual is already suffering from some chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD etc., they must consult with physician and stick on to the medications provided by the doctor to decrease the severity of the respiratory diseases.

Everyone should care for their lungs health at work spot so as to avoid breathing toxic fumes from chemicals, solvents, and paints. Hence, in such environment, it is necessary to wear a protective mask when working with chemicals.

Tips and comments:

 Respiratory diseases can be prevented by keeping oneself healthy and following the various safety measures. Always prevention is better than cure so the first measure one can take immediately is quitting of smoking habits which reduce the major death rate caused due to respiratory diseases. To quit, various measures can be followed with the help of the physicians too.

By Meenasen, published at 07/15/2011
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