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What You Must Know About Health Conditions And Diseases


Good health is a vital part of happy living not only for the person concerned but also for the society in which he lives. Good health has been regarded as the first and the best wealth of man. Health conditions and diseases not only affects the individuals but the whole community in which we all live. Unless an individual keeps physically and mentally fit, neither he can keep himself happy, nor can he contribute to the society or in broad sense the world. Because of this importance, the concept of health is vitally significant for man. 

A person free of health conditions and diseases will have the following characteristics:

  • Freedom from sickness and disease
  • Freedom from unnecessary anxiety
  • Freedom from social and psychological tensions
  • Cheerfulness, self-confidence, sense of well being
  • Ability to work efficiently and with enthusiasm


Factors causing health conditions and diseases

There are a large number of factors which affect an individual's health. Out of them, the following are the most important ones:

1] Personal factors

To be free from health conditions and diseases an individual has to include the following  in his routine life. 

  • A balanced diet
  • Adequate physical exercise
  • Sound sleep
  • Oral and dental cleanliness
  • Good posture
  • Proper use of leisure time
  • Care of feet, hands and skin
  • Suitable occupation
  • Good mental attitude towards life
  • Healthy habits

2] Hereditary factors

All of us inherit some good and some characters which our health. While majority of the people are born with a potential to lead a normal healthy life, a few of them may inherit some genetic defects, health conditions and diseases. Hemophilia and sickle cell anaemia are tow genetic defects which are passed on from parents to the children. 

3] Environmental factors

For leading a healthy life, one has to make several adjustments with the environment. The environmental factors may broadly be divided into i] internal ii] external

i] Internal environment - it refers to the functioning of all the body systems at a proper level. Improper functioning of various organs or systems in the body may result in diseases. 

ii] External environment - it refers to the conditions prevailing outside the human body. The external environment can be sub-divided into two: 

a] physical factors - Physical factors include air light, temperature, food, light, living and work places. 

b] biological factors - Biological factors include plants, animals, micro-organisms, insects, pests. Majority of the diseases are caused by microbes. 


4] Socio-cultural factors

The socio-cultural factors include the social customs, taboos, superstitions. To prevent health conditions and diseases, reasoning has to occupy the front places whereas superstitions should be relegated to the back benches. It is entirely within our capacity to change our habits, social customs and beliefs in order to become healthy and mature. 


Tips and comments

Having proper and timely vaccination, going for regular check up, trying to prevent accidents and avoiding exposure to radiations are also necessary for keeping good health. 

A proper nutrition is one of the fundamental factors of health and hygiene. A well-balanced diet protects a person from several diseases and keeps him fit to work with efficiency.



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