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Top 5 Diseases That Are Hereditory


We come across a number of diseases in our lives. Some of these are caused by the changes in our environment, while some are caused as a result of some hormonal and genetic changes in our bodies. There are diseases among these which can at times prove to be very fatal an injurious for health while there are some that can easily be cured with the help of simple care and medications.

Some of the most common diseases are hereditary diseases. These diseases are caused due to some defect and abnormality in our genes. Mostly, these diseases are inherited from parents and passed on to the next generations.


Hereditory diseases are the ones that are not only caused by a family genotype but are also due to mutation factors. This is when the environmental changes causes a change in your gene structure and hence, result in an abnormality. There are many families that have a long history of similar ailments being passed on to the next generations. Most common among these are the eye defects, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many more. The treatments do exist for such diseases but it has absolutely no link with the inheritance factor.

There are a number of hereditory diseases that are common and widely spreading in all the countries of the world. The first top most genetic disease is color blindness which is inherited from the ancestors. It is disease that is characterized by an inability to distinguish and perceive the colors around. The victim can see everything as shades of black, white and grey. The next common type of disease is baldness. This is marked by a loss of hair, hair fall, less hair or completely bald scalp. This disease is also the result of a parent having been suffered from it. The third top most disease includes the cardiovascular diseases. They constitute the abnormalities related to heart like blockages of valves, deposition of cholesterol, chest pain, angina and heart shrinking.

Also included, are the problems related to blockages of blood flow through the blood vessels causing trouble to the entire body system with less supply of blood. They also cause strokes as well. All these are inherited from the parents and forefathers. The fourth disease is diabetes which is considered as one of the most widely spread and common disease in every country.

This disease is caused as a result of body's inability to produce sufficient insulin to maintain the blood sugar level in the body. The last common genetic disease is breast cancer. Although, the reason behind the onset of cancer is still widely unknown, but it has been found from research that most of the cases that have been registered for breast cancer are the result of inheritance factors. It is usually a mother who passes on this disease to her daughter and so on.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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