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Pin oak tree has an oval pyramidal shape, with glossy, dark green leaves, and is a shade giving trees.

The pin oak tree can grow up to 70 feet tall if given the right environment to grow in. The pin oak tree requires full sun and is tolerant of many environmental problems such as flooding and very clay soil. However the pin oak tree is not safe from pin oak diseases and most of the pin oak diseases can seriously damage and even kill pin oak trees.


Bacterial leaf scorch the bacteria leaf scorch is a pin oak tree disease which is caused by the bacterium Xyella Fastidiosa.this bacteria is spread but leaf and tree hopper insects and hence the spread of the pin oak disease called bacterial leaf scorch. There is no specific treatment that can be rendered for this pin oak disease .however when a tree is infected with the bacterial leaf scorch you can prune or remove the infected leaves to keep the tree more presentable. The symptoms of bacterial leaf scorch include a browning of leaves that is separated by a yellow line.


Another pin oak disease is the chlorosis which is caused by a deficiency in the soil surrounding the tree. Typically this pin oak disease called chlorosis occurs in soil that has a very high PH level. The first sign of chlorosis on a pin oak tree is yellowing of the leaves and dark green veins. If this pin oak disease is not treated then the tree is very much likely to succumb and die. Luckily this pin oak disease is treated in many different methods. A landscaping company can treat the tree with an internal systemic treatment of iron or zinc. You can also apply iron chelates to the soil so as to give the soil enough iron hence transferring iron to the pin oak tree and hence preventing the pin oak tree diseases called chlorosis.



This pin oak disease is a disease of a fungus that attacks the branches and trunk of the pin oak tree. The cancers will form after the pin oak tree has gone under so many stresses of wounds, low fertility and possibly even drought. These stress makes the pin oak tree very week with the whole health going down hence the pin oak tree is more susceptible to pin oak disease such as this cancers. To keep off this pin oak disease called cancers make sure you reduce the stress of the pin oak tree by adding fertilizer to the tree regularly and pruning of dead and diseased leaves.

Oak Wilt

This is a pin oak diseases that goes In stages and the first stage for this disease is a crinkling and paling of the leaves. This pin oak tree disease is fatal that causes the leaves of the pin oak tree to wilt and turn brown as it moves towards the center of the pin oak tree pin oak tree that are affected with oak wilt will die within a few months after the contact with the fungus causing this pin oak tree disease. There is no definite treatment for this pin oak disease but with right pruning you can stop the pin oak diseases from spreading.

Tips and comments

if you take care of yo pin oak tree it will give you a good shade right outside your house and will definately not get pin oak diseases.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/03/2012
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