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What Are The Causes Of Aspen Tree Diseases


Causes of aspen tree diseases are numerous. For this reason, these trees are not able to live very long. They are attacked by all manner of factors leaving them very vulnerable. The most common threats for the trees are insects as well as other invaders such as fungus. Aspen tree diseases can therefore be caused by a variety of things. When it comes to insects, many suck the foliage leaving the tree weak which eventually dries off. Aphids are particularly known to suck the life out of theses endangered trees. They will excrete the honeydew from the tree which will waiver and die off. The damage is very alarming when this is left for a long time. It deforms the branches and leaves completely.


Ink spot is a disease that has been observed among the many aspen tree diseases. It has played a major part in the drop of leaves and depreciation of aspen trees. It is one of the aspen tree diseases that are caused by a fungus. Over a period of time, the growth will become stunted and this can mean the demise of the tree. Many institutions have undertaken different studies to determine the types of diseases that seem to be rampant in the tree species. Consequently, there have been various compilations of information to detail some of the major and minor causes of the problem. Marsonnina blight is one of those conditions that have been highlighted. It is a fungal infection that mostly affects the aspen foliage. Eventually, this will cause falling of branches on tree.


Sawflies are other well known insects that will devour the aspen trees. They are a major cause of aspen tree diseases. For those who do not know how they look like, they can be mistaken for wasps. However, they are sawflies and will settle on their host tree as they suck the foliage. In turn, the trees become weak and vulnerable to infections. There is leaf discoloration as well. This change in color is a common indicator of aspen tree diseases. Spiders are other culprits that will cause decline in these species of trees. The back-mining fly in particular is known to destroy the health of the tree completely over a period of time. It is a curious spider that will stop at nothing.

Tips and comments

It can be very hard to deal with all the examples above. This is especially because the causes above are just the tip of the causes. However, even with a reality of so many threats, one can follow some tips to keep at bay aspen tree diseases. The first thing is to make sure that the tree is given water in the right proportion. Too much water or too little will certainly harm the trees. Avoid at all costs leaves coming into contact with water from sprinklers. Keep them dry and safe. One should also make sure that they deal with all the insects that may threaten the trees. If there are sprouts of aspen trees that show up, do not make the mistake of spraying them. This is because it will do more harm than good in causing aspen tree diseases.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 04/04/2012
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