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Can Kissing Cause Diseases?


Kissing diseases are spread through several routes of transmission
*oral transmission referring to spreading of microbes through saliva, foods or even drinks. A microbe such as saliva during kissing, the swallowing action of the tongue wipes the saliva against the back of the throat allowing the saliva to enter the body. The kissing diseases are spread via oral transmission from the saliva


By sticking to the inner surface of the cheeks and mouth, the tongue or teeth the saliva spreads the kissing disease causing an array of infections such as gum diseases.
What you should most importantly keep in mind is that the surface of the nose, mouth and throat are continuous made of tissues. Therefore even colds and flu’s can then be spread by exchanging of the saliva leading to saliva diseases.

Cold sores are spread through opens on the lips or near the mouth. Although the infection is contagious through all stages of a cold sore, the infection is most dangerous when the store is open and leaking fluid. This may cause kissing diseases

Hand, foot, and mouth disease, are another kissing diseases that are spread through open sores in the mouth. This kissing disease is common in kids, especially those in daycare or preschool schools. It spreads primarily via, a common problem among daycares, since changing of diapers goes on all day.

• Contact spread – These kissing diseases are spread directly from person to person, for example during kissing, or indirectly when you touch a contaminated surface or object.
• Droplet spread –These kissing diseases are infected droplets from the nose and throat and can usually travel around one meter before they drop onto a surface. Infection occurs when the infected droplet is inhaled or someone comes into contact with a contaminated surface or object.
• Airborne spread –These kissing diseases are infected particles from the nose and throat that can remain in the air for a long time because of their tiny size. They can be inhaled directly into the lungs


When you have ahead ache then you start feeling dizzy, then your nose is stuffy, then your throat hurts and every time you cough it tastes like blood then you’re likely to get the kissing diseases.

the only diseases you can get from kissing are mono and herpes.if you kiss aperson mouth to mouth and one of you is hiv+,and has a small cut in the gums,the saliva with asmall potion will be transmitted.

The bacteria that cause tooth decay aren’t found in the mouths of newborn babies! A baby’s mouth is colonized with infected saliva, which can be passed by a kiss on the lips. This can cause the kissing diseases

The most effective treatment for infectious mononucleosis is rest and a gradual return to regular activities. Individuals with mild cases may not require bed rest but should limit their activities. Any strenuous activity, should be avoided until the symptoms completely subside, since excessive activity may cause some kissing diseases.

While the severity of illness varies, most people infected with the kissing diseases will be able to return to their normal daily routines within two to three weeks, particularly if they rest during this time period. It may take two to three months before their usual energy levels return. One of the most common problems in treating the kissing disease, particularly in teenagers, is that they return to their usual activities too quickly and then experience a relapse of symptoms. Once the disease has completely run its course, the person cannot be re-infected

People who have had the disease can continue to shed virus particles in their saliva during reactivations of the viral infection throughout their lifetime.

Tips and comments

you should be careful on who to kiss

• You should avoid kissing when you or the other person are sick.
• You should avoid kissing anyone on the lips when you, or they, have an active cold sore, warts or ulcers around the lips or in the mouth.
• You should also maintain a good oral hygiene.
• You should cough and sneeze into a hanky if you have a cold.
You should see your doctor about immunisations. Vaccines are available to prevent some kissing diseases.

you should also brush your teeth everyday after each meal


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