How Is a Rhinoscopy Completed
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How Is a Rhinoscopy Completed

Published at 02/07/2012 23:42:09

A” Greek” at the center of your face

How Is a Rhinoscopy Completed

The rhinos (Greek term known as “nose”) of human being or an animal needs medical treatment, the person or the animal undergo a diagnostic procedure called rhinoscopy. Rhinoscope is a thin tube-like instrument used for examining the cavities and passages of the nose called alsonasoscope. Rhinoscope has a light and a lens used for viewing and may have a tool to remove tissues. Rhinoscopy is the process of examination of the nasal passages to determine the cause of any nasal ailments. This procedure is usually noninvasive and painless.

When a person or an animal undergo a rhinoscopy procedure, sacrifices and steps must be followed prior to the procedure to avoid any complications.

Step 1

a. First among the procedure is injecting a general anesthesia, but fasted for 12 hours to avoid the risk of aspiration of stomach contents into the lungs.
b. The patient is place in sterna recumbency (on its chest) and anesthetic monitoring equipment is attached and other monitoring such as patient’s heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, carbon dioxide and oxygen level, and others to prevent and minimize anesthesia complications.

Step 2

c. Examination of any abnormalities such as deformed hard palate, mucosal hyperemia, foreign bodies, and dental disease.

  • For interior rhinoscopy: the tip of the rhinoscope is lubricated and gently advances through the nose into the nasal cavity.
  • For posterior rhinoscopy: the tip of the rhinoscope is advance through the mouth into the back of the mouth and nasal cavity.

d. When the endoscope is advanced, surfaces are examined for abnormalities including inflammation, ulcers, plaques, foreign bodies and masses.

Step 3

e. Nasal secretion and blood can be removed and flushed using sterile saline to improve visualization.
f. Pictures and video are collected for documentation, biopsy samples are collected for histopathology and foreign bodies are removed using forceps and other devices.

Step 4

g. Medication will be given, through injection, oral or drops.
h. Rhinoscopy usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour, depends on findings, biopsies or foreign bodies.

Step 5

I. After the rhinoscopy procedure, a cold pack is applied to nose to decrease the bleeding and swelling from the procedure.
J. The patients’ usually recovers from anesthesia and go home after the said procedure.

I Need A Checkup

How Is a Rhinoscopy Completed

1. The nose has a consistent nasal discharge or by noisy breathing to discover the root cause;
2. Others include excessive sneezing, nasal bleeding, swelling, or the presence of foreign matter in the nose;
3. Obtain tissue samples, used to evaluated for inflammation, infection or biopsy (takes three to five days), and or for culture;
4. Treat sinus or nasopharyngeal problems, such as applying medication into the nasal or sinus to eradicate fungal infections.

Double your precaution both human and animals

It is not easy to undergo a medical procedure both for humans or animals especially if the patient has other diseases such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes. They need to undergo series of test before proceeding to rhinoscopy procedure. Always remember to have a clean hygiene, drink lots of vitamins to improve immune system and prevent from going to dirty places to avoid symptoms or causes of rhinoscopy.


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