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Mental Treatment

Mental disorders are classified as psychological condition usually marked by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, and emotions that seriously damage ones psychological and social functions. When diagnosed with mental disorders such as anxiety, psychotic, eating, personality disorder, and any other signs of psychological or behavioural patterns that occur in an individual, one must need to seek mental treatment. Mental treatment may vary depending on the type of mental disorder that one is suffering from.

Nowadays, developments have been made in the treatment of mental illness. As a result many mental health disorders can now be treated as early as its detection.

Treatment Methods

Most treatment methods for mental health disorders can be classified as either somatic or psychotherapeutic.

Somatic treatment or also known as somatic therapy is a form of treatment pertaining to the body that affects one’s physiologic functioning. It includes drug therapy and electroconvulsive therapy. Psychotherapeutic treatment is a technique that uses simple dialogue and building relationship between the patient and the therapist.

Types of Therapies for Mental Treatment

1. Drug Therapy is a treatment that involves the use of medications as prescribed by the physician. It can take a lot of different forms. The term drug therapy is often associated in the context of taking pills to treat mental illnesses, to help restore patients’ better mental function.

2. Psychotherapy or sometimes referred to as talk therapy. The kind of treatment that involves empathy and compassion. The emotional awareness and insight that a person gets through psychotherapy often results in a change of the individual’s attitude and behaviour that allows the person to live a more satisfying life.

3. Electroconvulsive Therapy is a type of mental treatment that stimulates brains. With this type of therapy, electrodes are attached to the head, while the patient is sedated a series of electrical shocks are transmitted to the brain to induce a brief seizure. This therapy is said to be the most effective treatment for severe depression

Identifying Mental Disorder

Before a patient receives any type of mental health treatment, it is very important for the professionals and experts to identify the type of mental disorder the patient if suffering. Because there is a wide range of mental health problems, some problems may be quite mild or moderate, others may take on a more severe form affecting a person’s ability to cope with day to day living. It may be difficult for an individual to accept that he or she is in the verge or already has signs of a mental health illness, family or friends’ intervention is needed to help the patient.

Here are some of the signs of a common mental health problems:

• Losing interest in activities and tasks that you usually enjoyed previously
• Sleeping problems
• Mood swings
• Changes in eating habits or appetite such us not eating, over-eating and binging
• Hearing and seeing things that others don’t
• Isolating yourself and socialising less, spending too much time in your bedroom
• Feelings of paranoia

These are just some of the signs that you may experience. When these symptoms are evident, it makes a big difference to talk to your family or to that one person that you trust the most.

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