How To Treat Corn Diseases
Diseases Diseases

How To Treat Corn Diseases

Published at 04/01/2012 16:16:33

Corns And Calluses

How To Treat Corn Diseases

You might have heard about corn disease. If not, then know that this is caused by constant pressure or friction on your feet that can be very discomforting and painful. It forms a thickening of the skin in the affected area. Corns and calluses are known in medical term as hyperkeratosis. Diseases corn mostly have a circular form and have a dry, translucent, or waxy appearance. Corns can be very painful and discomforting which is why it is important to get rid of them immediately. Understanding more about corns and calluses can give you a better idea on how to prevent them. You can also find its understanding useful in figuring out whether a treatment is going to work or not.

Types of Corns And Treatments

How To Treat Corn Diseases

Corns can come in different types. One can have hard or soft corns which are mostly found in the foot. The hard corns are often found in the edges of the little toes and at the balls of the feet which are often surrounded by calluses itself. Soft corns on the other hand are those found in between the toes. These soft and soggy corns are sometimes drained and eroded which makes them highly infectious. There are different methods that people are using to treat corns. Because of the pain and discomfort that these corns can bring to people, some would choose to shave these corns off their skin. Extra care should be taken when shaving off these corns because it can cause some infections and cutting the skin. Accidents like these are not going to be kind to those who have diabetes and poor blood circulation since this will make them prone to infections.

People can also put some salicylic acid solutions on the diseases corn and calluses. After putting the solution, it is recommended to cover it with a protective tape and leave it there for a couple of days. Once the tape is removed, soak the affected area in warm water. This will make scrapping the dead skin easier. Shaving off corns from your feet can really be very harmful because of the possible infections it might trigger or cause. If it can be avoided by the use of topical treatments that can be bought from drugstores, then it is more recommendable.

Corns Can Lead to Serious Complications

How To Treat Corn Diseases

Cases of diseases corn and calluses are not serious in nature. However, if they are left unattended, much pain and discomfort might continue to escalate. Removal of these corns can be done in an inexpensive way. People may choose to treat diseases corn with home remedies but it is always recommended that proper caution is observed. Although rare but there are cases wherein the ulcers where developed and have caused more complications which resulted to foot amputation.

If Corns Are Already Painful

Corns and calluses are not life-threatening situations. But if diseases corn are already causing you much discomfort and the pain is already almost unbearable, then it is time to treat it them. There are many treatments that can be bought and some other home remedies that you can find online as well.


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