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What Are Good Vitamin Supplements For Mental Health?

The Role of Vitamins in The Body

Vitamins are vital ingredients and should never be missed in any healthy diet. Vitamins generally keep the body healthy by preventing disease infections. They are such fundamental nutrients whose deficiency may cause severe health problems. Just as vitamins are vital for body wellness, the same applies for mental health. Vitamins primarily encounter and fight depression, and natural herbs have been used as a cure of this for centuries now. As of now, vitamin supplements are majorly used to cure sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression as well as other common mental illnesses.

The Connection Between Vitamin Supplements and Mental Health

Mental health has been studied by many scientists and has been found to be effected very much by deficiencies of certain nutrition elements. Vitamin supplements have been rated as some of the best remedies as treatment of these deficiencies related problems for mental health. Some vitamins such as vitamin B complex are extremely important for mental health. Supplementation of magnesium can also be credited as a large contributor to achievement of mental health. Vitamin supplements are essentially the most important nutritional element for attaining good health which also applies to mental health. The connection that exists between vitamin supplements and mental health is simply the fact that vitamins and supplements are used for the treatment of mental problems caused by deficiency in other nutrients that causes the brain to slow down its activities.

Good Vitamins for Mental Health

The role of vitamins in mental health is that they aid the brain cells to function properly through synthesis of essential bodily enzymes that are responsible for transmitting vital messages from the brain to other areas of the body. Anything that goes in the brain causes mental malfunctioning which disrupts electrical connections and important signals within the brain that are used for mental health. One of the vital vitamins known for effecting mental processes are vitamin B. A slight deficiency of Vitamin B can cause mental illnesses and extreme deficiencies can cause serious mental problems. Each of the vitamins has specific roles that aid the brain from developing mental conditions such as depression which are very bad for mental health and general body welfare. Deficiencies in Thiamine (vitamin B1) also have serious effects in the brain such as causing irritability, fearfulness and anxiety. Vitamin B2 helps in controlling the brain against the effects of depression and sadness. Riboflavin is very essential during the formation and use of brain enzymes. Other vitamins such as B12 have been known to be vital in the biochemistry of the brain and are crucial for mental health. Vitamin B supplements are essential in treatment of depression and supplements of vitamin C are powerful antioxidants in the brain.

Effects of Deficiency of Vitamin Supplements on Mental Health

Deficiency of most vitamin supplements have been known to cause mental illnesses. Deficiency of some vitamins that are essential for mental health destroy biochemical pathways that are used as pass routes of essential chemical substances that are vital for mental health. Much consumption of alcohol has been credited to the depletion of vitamin B in the body, which can have vital effects and cause mental illness. Other effects of deficiencies are the slowing of mental processes, psychosis and general brain defects.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/25/2012
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