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How To Find Free Mental Health Services


Mental health problems can be devastating to individuals and families. If treated properly, many types of mental health problems can be controlled and improved greatly. Unfortunately, many people are without insurance and cannot afford the various types of mental health services needed. There are many types of programs available for low income individuals that allow them to obtain the needed mental health services for free.

Step 1

Contact your local Department of Job and Family Services and ask to speak with a case worker. You will normally be asked to set up an appointment and to bring in specific documents at the time of your meeting. Inform the case worker of your financial situation and state of mental health. If the case worker is aware of any medical funding or government assistance that can help you, they will ask you to fill out the appropriate applications. These types of services may including programs that are state specific or government healthcare programs such as Medicaid or Medicare. You will then receive a list of clinics or hospitals that accept the voucher or government insurance you have been provided with. You will not be required to pay for your mental health services once your application and paperwork has been processed and approved.

Step 2

Check your local phonebook or search online for a free clinic in your area. Free clinics are designed to help low income individuals get the health care they need, even if they are unable to afford it. The types of services provided may vary by clinic and state. Contact the clinic and discuss the types of free mental health services that are available to you. You may be asked to provide proof of income at the time of your visit.

Contact you local college or university to see if they offer free mental health services. Many colleges allow psychology students to offer free counseling as a way to gain experience. This counseling is often monitored by the college professors and licensed counselors. These services may only be available for short periods of time and only at certain times of the year or school term. Some colleges also offer free mental health services for their students. These services are available at the college health center or school clinic.

Step 3

Join an online mental health support group related to the type of mental problems you are experiencing. There are a variety of forums, online communities and message boards that are devoted to helping people suffering from mental health problems such as Bipolar Disorder, depression, anxiety and many more. You can search for these groups online and sign up to become a member. These online support groups are a great way to discuss your mental health problems with other individuals who are suffering from the same problems and even provide and receive counseling within the group. Members of online support groups can also help each other by sharing resources, home remedies and financial help. You may want to consider joining an online group that is specific to your state or city as the other members may be familiar with the available types of free mental health services in your area. Be sure to stay active in the community by asking questions and participating in discussions. Sometimes the simple act of discussing your problems can be beneficial to one's mental health.


Talk with your family doctor to determine the types of mental health services you need or that could be beneficial to you.

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