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Top Tips For Getting Into Economics Universities


There are several methods to apply for economics universities, but generally, there are two main methods of attending. The majority of economics universities would require the candidates to attend an exam, but there is also the possibility to be approved for those universities directly, if you had exceptional results during high school. If you want to follow this path, you will have to prepare yourself since the teenager years.

Step 1

Try to start a small business. You can try to open a small online store, or to have some economic initiatives at school. Any of those initiatives will be considered as an advantage by economics universities, and if your business is a success, you will definitely increase your chances to be approved for the courses of those universities.

Step 2

Read a huge bibliography of economic books.  It will definitely help you during college, and if you are able to use the gained notions in the real life, you will also have an advantage. try to study different economic concepts, and to apply them in your everyday life.

Step 3

Write in the local newspapers. Try to be actively involved in the local community. You can become the local correspondent of a newspaper on economic matters. Whenever something happens in a factory, or when a new investor decides to open a new business in your area, you can write about the potential of the respective business. The economics universities will surely appreciate your effort, and if you can prove your predictions were good, you will also have a good start in the application process.

Step 4

Try to stay in touch with the latest economic news. Even if the economics universities would not require you a written exam, you will probably have to meet with one of the teachers at the university. The respective teacher will definitely be impressed if you are able to prove you know what happens in the economic world, and you will have higher chances of getting into economics universities.

Step 5

Try to find a specialization. The economic area is wide. It contains marketing, accounting, pure economy, banking, financing and so. You will have to specialize in one of those branches sooner or later, but if you are able to determine your direction before applying to the economics universities, you will show that you are determined and that you know what you want from life. The economics universities are found of students with a clear vision, and maybe this is the most important advantage you might have over other candidates.

Tips and comments

Of course, your activity during high school and the recommendations of the teachers are also important. Try to keep a good relationship and to have good grades will all the teachers. After graduating the economics universities, you will probably work as an accountant or as an economist in an IT company, or maybe in a bank, or even in a chemical research facility.


By Vlad Dake, published at 03/27/2012
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