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5 Historical Facts About Seventh Day Adventist Universities


Seventh Day Adventist is a Protestant Christian denomination that worships on Saturdays. They have over ten million members throughout the world. They are rather strict with their beliefs and prohibited from doing certain things that go against their religious beliefs.

Seventh Day Adventist has a list of universities throughout the world. They teach the students how to have a healthier lifestyle, which includes abstaining from meats that will defile the body, abstaining from alcoholic drinks and caffeine, and from premarital sex. They firmly believe that a daily diet which consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains is the best to be eaten. It is recommended that one should go to college first before enrolling at the Seventh Day Adventist Universities. There are fourteen accredited colleges and universities in North America.

The Seventh Day Adventist universities offer different areas of study, some of them are: law and legal studies, arts, aviation, computer studies, nursing, dentistry, medical science and music. Most Seventh day Adventist universities has 500 areas of study. One would need to fill out an application. In order to be accepted into Seventh Day Adventist Universities, an person would need a 2.50 GPA. Depending on where the university is located some accept a GPA of 2.00.

It would be required of the applicant to send his or her test scores and transcripts before been accepted. Seventh Day Adventist universities offers a good educational value in a christian place. Seventh Day Adventist Universities are private institutions. Students can apply for student loans and grants, some receive scholarships. There class size is generally small with a professor, who knows and interacts with every pupil. Seventh Day Adventist has seven universities. There is the Loma Linda University in California, Washington Adventist University in Maryland, La Sierra University in California, Walla Walla University in Washington, Andrews University in Michigan, Southern Adventist University in Texas, Griggs University, and Oakwoood University in Alabama. They have a university in Canada, Canadian University.

The Seventh Day Adventist universities offer recreational activities which includes hiking, biking, horseback riding, singing, scuba diving and ice skating. They have both indoor and outdoor activities. The food served in the cafeteria is usually vegetables and veggie sausages. They don't provide meat. They have about 250,000 students enrolled. Students are allowed to live on campus. Their major study is about prayer and the Bible, students have to attend prayer sessions and participate in praise and worship. They regard Saturday as the day of rest from all work the (sabbath). Most of the students who attend Seventh Day Adventist universities are Seventh Day Adventist believers. Most of the universities offer students the opportunity to go abroad on mission trips.


You can go online to the website of the university of your choice and fill out the application. You can apply to all thirteen colleges and universities and they will waiver the application fee. As soon as they receive your application they will be in contact with you.

By Charm Treleven, published at 02/26/2012
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