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Sports therapy universities offer various programs which enable one to become a qualified professional in the exciting field of sports therapy. Sports are an integral part of human life. They invoke much passion and debate in our society. Sports are subject to a lot of interest and speculation. Popular sports like football, cricket and tennis command tremendous popularity. International sports events like the Olympics are followed with zealous fanaticism. Sports therapy universities provide students with a qualification which enables them to fill in strategic positions in this multi-billion dollar industry.


Sports therapy universities focus on training a student to understand the intricacies of the various functions of the human body in relation to physical activity. Sports therapy is a complex science. It involves the study of different aspects of sports like:

Depending upon the sport, athletes require a specific diet to enable them to perform at their best. This requires a sound understanding of the needs of the athlete. A body builder requires more protein to bulk up while a runner needs more carbohydrates to keep him energized during races. Sports therapy universities teach students how to regulate the diet of an athlete to optimize his body for maximum performance.

Sports therapists design training sessions which enable athletes to stretch the limits of their bodies without encountering injuries. Also, if at all an athlete gets injured during play. then it is the therapist's responsibility to treat such injuries. In order to accomplish this, the sports therapist must have excellent knowledge on the anatomical and physiological aspects of the body. Sports therapy universities offer programs that enable students to become proficient in these subjects.

The importance of psychology in the field of sports cannot be denied. There is immense psychological pressure when competing against formidable opponents. This pressure is intensified exponentially due to the expectations of the public. It is important for the athletes to be in a suitable frame of mind to boost their performance during play. A sports therapist ensures that all sportsmen are mentally prepared for an uPComing game.

In short, sports therapy universities train students in developing and maintaining the mental, physical and emotional well being of sports persons. The difference between a doctor and a sports therapist is that between an automobile mechanic and a car tuning specialist. The doctor treats injuries while the sports therapist strives to derive the maximum from the body of an athlete.

Different sports therapy universities offer different courses and certificates based on your country of residence. Typically, a bachelor's degree is needed for entry-level positions. Make sure that the sports therapy universities are accredited by the education ministry of your country. Sports therapy universities will require you to follow a disciplined fitness regime during your education. This is because a high level of athleticism is prerequisite for becoming a successful sports therapist. A sports therapist can also work as a fitness trainer in premium gymnasiums and health clubs.

Tips and comments

Sports therapy is a challenging career. It requires tremendous devotion and a passion for helping others to succeed. It is also one of the most rewarding careers and can also be very lucrative for experienced professionals.

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