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5 Historical Facts About Universities For Sports


Sports are an integral part of human life. They are the best form of exercise. They also provide entertainment and have tremendous cultural significance. Many universities for sports offer careers related to the industry. Below are some interesting historical facts about universities for sports:


1] University of Texas, Austin: This University is one of the most popular universities in the U.S.A. It was named as America’s best sports college in 2002 by Sports Illustrated. More than 50000 students have completed graduate or undergraduate programs from this university. The university was founded in 1883. Today it has assets worth more than 14 billion US dollars. The students of this university has have bagged 117 medals at the Olympic events. 14 of those medals were bagged at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. It is one of the best universities for sports in the world. It is part of the elusive ‘Big 12’conference of athletes.

Interesting fact: The University was meant to be conceived by the Mexican government and has a mention in the constitution of Mexico in 1827. However, later Texas gained independence and was autonomous until 1846 when it was integrated into the United States. The American Civil War further delayed the establishment of the university. The university was finally established in 1883. The university has won the national championship 48 times. This fact reiterates that it is among the most respected universities for sports in America.

2] Iowa State University: This institution was established in 1858. It is also one of the top universities for sports. It is part of the big 12 conference of athletes. Approximately thirty thousand students have completed graduate, post graduate or under graduate programs from this university. It is smaller than the University of Texas with assets worth just under 500 million US dollars.

Interesting fact: The Iowa state University was founded as a college in 1858 and received the status of a university in 1959 – after more than 100 years from the year of its establishment.


3] Oklahoma State University: this university has been critically acclaimed by many institutions including the Carnegie foundation. It is said to be one of the best educational institutions in America and is among the greatest universities for sports. It has assets worth approximately 350 million US dollars and is also a part of the prestigious big 12 conference for athletes. The Oklahoma States Cowboys have bagged a staggering 50 national championships. It is the first university to achieve such a feat in the history of America.

Interesting fact: The first class was held in December 1890. Classes were held in churches until the first building was dedicated in the month of June, 1894.

4] University of Colorado: This University is also among the most sought after universities for sports. It was formerly a part of the big 12 conference of athletes and has bagged 24 national championships. The University has seen the enrolment of almost 30000 students and a number of them have been Nobel Award winners and astronauts.

Interesting fact: the city of Boulder and Canon were the suggested sites for the university. Boulder ultimately became home to the University while Canon city became home to the Colorado state prisons. (It also has 5 other prisons)

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5] West Virginia University: This University is the future of universities for sports. It will soon be incorporated into the big 12 conference for athletes.

Interesting fact: the Woodburn seminary caught fire in 1873 and was restored in 1876. Till date, it is known as the New Hall.

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