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In order to create a high profile career, it is very important that you get yourself admitted to a college or university, which can offer you not only good education, but also a good job. Below mentioned names are of top 20 colleges' universities list located worldwide.

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The University of Oxford is located in Great Britain and is considered to be one of the top institutions in the colleges' universities list for more than nine centuries. The university passes out students every year, who are highly qualified in nearly every aspect of life. There are students of over one hundred and thirty nationalities as people from all over the world desire to seek admission in the prestigious institution.

Harvard University stands high on the top colleges list and is one of a kind to, which every other educational institution aspires to be. The university is also popular for inducting students of extra ordinary qualities, as well as the highly experienced faculty members. Moreover, the academic part of the university is unparalleled along with a huge endowment guarantees that the Harvard University has every resource to offer that is required for the acquisition of high quality education.

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Yale University is also one of the best educational institutes in the colleges' universities list and offers programs for both graduate, as well as undergraduate students. Students, who are talented and are motivated towards their goal, succeed to get an admission in the university.

Princeton University is the best option. The college has a very good financial aid program along with having the facility of receiving high quality education and other activities.

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Imperial College is a scientific institution in Europe and the students of this college are considered to be the brightest.

The University of Pennsylvania is best known for its Wharton School of Business from which excellent professionals are graduated every year.

The University of Cambridge is the oldest university in the colleges' universities list and constitutes 31 colleges, 150 departments, schools and several other educational institutions.

The California Institute of Technology is a renowned university and is famous for its intense academics. There are several students from this institute, which have contributed towards the science and engineering fields.

The University of Chicago has a legendary effect on the higher education system of America.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a top institute in the colleges and universities list and has produced several Nobel Laureates.

The University of Hong Kong is the oldest, as well as the most respected educational institute and has some excellent faculty, which enhances its productivity.

Columbia University has great science and art programs and have made several groundbreaking discoveries.

Duke University is among the top ten institutions in America and has some excellent educational services, which are offered in every aspect.

The University of Tokyo, on the colleges' universities list, this university is also standing high and is famous for the rich, as well as varied environment of academic.

The University of California - Berkley has academic programs that are internationally recognized and are of a very high quality education provider in the colleges' universities list.

ETH Zurich is a science and technology institute that is ranked in the top universities of the world and has passed out 21 Nobel laureates.

Dartmouth College has promising students working towards their goal only manage to seek admission in this institute.

Cornell University has a diverse academic program and that is the highlighting feature of this institution.

Australian National University is the best public research university in Australia.

The University of British Columbia has an international reputation, and the institute has managed to grab a position in the top 20 colleges' universities list.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/01/2012
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