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Where To Start To Apply For Universities In America

The process for applying to American colleges and universities is easy, if you start early and stay focused on each task. By following a few simple steps that begin in the junior year of high school and end in the senior year of high school, you can get into the American college of your choice.

First, you must prepare yourself for the college application process in America. Beginning in your junior year of high school, you should get ready for the SAT by taking the PSAT/NMSQT in early October. Also, all wise students do research about the careers and college majors that interest them. Then, by the end of the junior year, you should make a list of your top American colleges based on your choice for a major.

By the spring of the junior year, it is important for students to visit colleges in America. Select different kinds of schools, such as private and public universities. Go to small and large campuses to decide which school size you prefer. Moreover, if you are in advanced placement (AP) courses, study for AP exams so that you can earn college credit. At the end of your junior year, start getting ready for admissions by requesting applications from the colleges you like.

The plan of action for all American seniors consists of two major steps that lead up to receiving an acceptance letter from an American college or university. The first major step is the creation of a calendar that marks the application deadline for all of the colleges of interest to you. Once this is done, you can list and highlight other information and requirements, such as transcripts, recommendations, and essays, for each application. Next, in the fall and winter of your senior year, you should plan to submit your applications and apply for financial aid.

The second major step is the student’s decision-making process. After sending out applications, you will start to receive acceptance letters from colleges that want you to join their student population by April of your senior year. So, by May 1, you will need to be able to determine which college you will attend. Lastly, you must notify the American college that you want to attend by sending a letter of agreement that informs the admissions officer of your acceptance.

Tips and comments:

Take the application process seriously. Do not miss deadlines for any college applications. If you plan ahead, you can expect to get accepted into the university that best suits your academic, financial, and social needs.

By Cirrelia Thaxton, published at 07/12/2011
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