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5 Most Popular Universities Degrees

Published at 07/19/2011 21:58:07

Do you want to strive for the upper stratum of career? Do you want to achieve financial success? If the answer is yes, pursing a prestigious university degree makes sense. For many people, a high-status degree is like yet another jewel in the career crown. Read more to know which universities, degrees and career path you should pursue to join the club of super-elite professionals. The following 5 degrees could propel your career to the topmost ranks in terms of professional success.

1. MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at London School of Economics

Here the entrance requirements are pretty stern. You need to have a solid academic background in areas like math, statistics, economics, and most importantly - econometrics. Tuition cost per year is $30,500. The duration is 9 months, but you have to get enrolled as a full time student. Many of the world famous alumni were not able to achieve such superior credentials as the MSc in econometrics. However, some celebrated world leaders like Shri KR Narayanan (the ex Indian president) and Moshe Sharett (who happened to be the ex prime minister of Israel) managed to achieve a BSc in economics. There’re numerous prestigious programs that students can pursue at this globally renowned school. However, the most academically demanding and esteemed program is perhaps the MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. Top academics, researchers and politicians like John F. Kennedy (ex president of the United States), Pierre E. Trudeau (ex prime minister of Canada), Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya’s first president), George Soros (the billionaire international financier), and Robert Mundell (who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences) have graced this celebrated school. And it takes pride of the thirteen Nobel Prize winners it is produced so far and the three dozens of ex / current prime ministers or presidents.

2. Bachelor of Technology at Indian Institute of Technology

The entrance requirements here, like all other top institutes, are pretty high to surmount. At least you need to have high placement on the IIT Joint Entrance Exam. Tuition cost per year is $1,100 (miscellaneous administrative expenditures included). It is a four-year degree. Famous alumni include Vinod Khosla (he co-founded Sun Microsystems), N.R. Narayana Murthy (who co-founded and chaired Infosys) and Rajat Gupta (ex MD of McKinsey & Co.). The IIT are actually an assemblage of 7 Indian technology & engineering schools that have already managed to win global acknowledgment for the top quality education they are providing. Graduates are oftentimes revered for the practical and profound knowledge. Actually, an IIT degree is usually viewed as a tag of success. Many graduates have already been courted as well as cherry-picked for highly rewarding jobs abroad.

3. MBA at Harvard Business School

To enter you need to have an undergraduate degree from any accredited university in the US. Its equivalent will do. Tuition cost per year is $39,600, but you need to bear numerous extra fees besides this. It is a full-time twenty two-month program. Former IBM CEO Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. (who also chaired The Carlyle Group) and Michael Bloomberg (he founded Bloomberg LP and happens to be the New York City mayor) are among the famous Alumni. Little is left to be said regarding the prestige and power of earning power of the Harvard alumni.

4. LL.M. Law at University of Cambridge

To enter, you are required to have a 1st class law degree from any recognized university in UK. Its overseas equivalent will do. Tuition per year is $10,000 for domestic students and for those are EU citizens. For international students, tuition fee per year is $20,000. it has produced famous alumni like Hans Blix who is the ex head of UN Monitoring, Verification & Inspection Commission. For decades, the University of Cambridge remains at the vanguard of law education on earth.

5. M.D. at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Aspiring students are required to have high academic scores – preferably GPA 3.8 or over. And you need to have an average MCAT score of 11.4. And you also need to have letters of recommendation issued by senior faculties or legit premedical committees. Tuition cost per year is US$34,000. Little needs to be said about this school as it has produced several winners of Noble Prizes. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine now remains the top authority on earth on clinical research, and the hospital it runs is among the best on earth. It’s the top recipient of NIH (National Institutes of Health) research grants. Around twenty Nobel Prize laureates are associated with this school.

Tips and comments:

Given that the degrees mentioned so far are the most popular ones due to the prestige and recognition of the schools that offer those, the hurdles are pretty hard to surmount. But if you really want sky-scraping success with your career, you really should aim high. Having lofty goals can take your career to new heights and your self esteem needs will be fulfilled!


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