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Clothing Design Tips For Creating Dresses For Women

Published at 02/29/2012 17:25:06


Designing clothing and dresses for women is all about being creative while giving the public what they want. It is easy to sit down and draw something on paper, it is another thing to bring that drawing to life and make it a public desire. Top designers know how to create clothing and dresses that women love, but every process follows a few simple rules to get from the drawing pad to the catwalk.

Step 1

Start with an idea. Every creation, whether it is clothing, dresses, or other attire for women, starts with an idea. Think about the type of dress you want to start with. Is it going to be something formal, something casual, or something in between? Do you want straight lines, puffs, straps, fitted or layers on your dress? Having an idea on the style of clothing or dresses for women is the first step.

Step 2

Put your idea on paper. Now get to work on the sketchpad and draw out the idea you have in your head. Try to make it as detailed and accurate as you have in your mind. Do not worry if you think you are a bad artist, just getting your idea down on paper pushes you in the right direction for creating the perfect clothing and dresses for women.

Step 3

Create or find a pattern. If you understand how a pattern works, create a pattern of the dress you have sketched. But, if you are uncomfortable creating your own, look for a pattern that is similar to the design you want to create and adjust it to your needs. You can look for patterns in women clothing and dresses magazines or find free patterns online to modify.

Step 4

Choose your fabric and colors. It does not matter how great your design is, if you choose the wrong material or color, the dress is going to be a disaster. When making clothing or dresses for women, you must always consider the type of material that will work best with the design first. You would not make an evening gown out of denim, so visit a fabric store, and touch everything you see.

Consider the color you want carefully also. Not all colors look good with all styles, if you really want to play it safe choose a neutral color, such as black, for your first design.

Step 5

Sewing experience is required, at least the basics, and a sewing machine if you want to create clothing or dresses for women that look good. If you are not confident in your sewing experience, you can hire someone to do it for you or ask a friend to help you.


Start with a practice dress out of cheap material as your first creation. Once you perfect the design with inexpensive material, you can then move onto the fabric you really want to use.

Do not forget accessories. Add a matching purse, belt, jewelry and shoes to your creation for the maximum affect. Keep a portfolio of the clothing and dresses you create for women. You can then go back and modify, improve or use it in the future for a career in design.


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