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Tips For Wearing Motorcycle Clothing


Riding a motorcycle is fun and one of the coolest ways to get around, but riding is also serious business. A motorcycle accident, no matter how small, can have you limping away with at the very least big scrapes and bruises. That is why wearing the right motorcycle clothing is imperative and cannot be ignored. But not just any clothes are going to do, follow these tips on choosing the right motorcycle clothing and gear to ensure you enjoy riding for as long as you want, safely.

Step 1


The helmet is one of the most important pieces of motorcycle clothing or gear. But a helmet does no good if it doesn’t fit or is too heavy.

When choosing a helmet first look for the fit, it should fit tightly when you first put it on. If it moves when you shake your head, it is too big. The second thing to look at is weight. If the helmet is too heavy, it can actually break your neck in an accident. Lastly, choose a helmet that you feel comfortable in. If for any reason it is uncomfortable, choose another.

Step 2


When one thinks motorcycle clothing, leather jackets are the first thing that comes to mind. A leather jacket is one of the best ways to protect yourself, even in a minor fall.

Choose a jacket made with good leather, thin leather is not going to offer much protection when you are sliding down the pavement. In addition, make sure it fits properly. Baggy motorcycle clothing, like a jacket is going to get in the way of how you control your bike.

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It is easy to forget that your motorcycle clothing should be about comfort and protection, especially when the costs of some things are so high. Although leather pants are the best, a thick pair of jeans will offer some protection.

When choosing pants, whether leather or jeans, make sure it fits properly and are not too baggy. Baggy jeans can get in the way, especially when shifting gears and cause an accident. For added clothing protection with jeans when riding your motorcycle, consider wearing thermal underwear underneath.

Step 4


Boots are just as important as any other piece of motorcycle clothing. The feet need a lot of protection, as well as the ankles.

Choose boots that will cover and protect the ankles from breaks. The tops should also be of good material to handle all the gear changing.

Step 5


If you feel you are a free spirit and ignore all the motorcycle clothing rules, the very least you should wear with your helmet is a pair of gloves. Hands are easily damage in falls, even small ones, and need protection at all times.

Choose gloves that allow you to feel exactly what you are doing. You should be able to feel the handlebar easily through the gloves, as well as feel any switches or toggles you use.


Never buy a used helmet. You do not know if the inner layer was damaged in an accident or not, which will compromise your own safety in an accident.

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