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Where To Find Cardigans Clothing

Published at 03/21/2012 06:24:20


A cardigan is simply a type of sweater that has a zipper or buttons tying down the front. It differs from a pullover in that a pullover does not have buttons or a zipper, and therefore it will not be opened from the front. It will instead have to be pulled over the head to be worn. The cardigans may either me knitted using a machine or they may be hand-knitted. Originally, the term cardigan was used to refer to a knitted vest, but the meaning changed as time went by. The cardigans which were now the sweaters were adopted by a male fisherman who wanted to keep warm as well as spread it to the academic circles. They were initially popularly worn by men, but they are now worn by women too.


Plain cardigans are usually known to be worn over shirts and inside suit jackets when they are being used informally as a waistcoat or maybe a vest which will restrain the necktie in the event that the jacket is removed. The cardigan clothing is versatile, and therefore you will find that people wear it in casual or formal settings. They are also worn in any season but the seasons which you will find a large number of people wearing it is the period when it is autumn or winter. They can also be worn by people working in offices, students in school and even those people who are just at home.


Another type of cardigans clothing are monochromatic cardigans. It may be seen as a conservative fashion staple in its sleeve or vest design. But with the youthful ideologies for the cardigans clothing, some of the striped cardigans which contain flamboyant colors have been popularly used by skateboarders. This kind of cardigan is usually worn over a dress shirt when it is being worn for formal purposes. One button of the dress shirt is usually undone so as it can match well with the cardigan. But if you need to have a 50s style look, you will just need to have the cardigan on with a fully buttoned shirt. In the event that you want to wear it in a less formal style, you will just wear it with a t-shirt underneath. Women will most of the time wear cardigan clothing over shirts as well as t-shirts but in their case it is mostly for covering the skin and to provide warmth.

Tips and comments

Cardigans clothing are available for all walks of people from children to adults, mothers to fathers and women to men. You can readily find them in the clothing stores near you or purchase them from online stores like, and You can as well make one for yourself if you are an expert at knitting them with plain hands or you can see a tailor who has specialized in making cardigans and let him make one that will perfectly fit you in whichever color that you want it to appear.


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