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Published at 03/19/2012 19:42:56


For many people, fishing is an enjoyable leisure sport. It is important that you learn how to dress before you go on a fishing trip so that you can be comfortable. There are many factors that you will have to consider before you decide on fishing clothing. It will depend on the location and the season when you want to schedule your fishing trip. For example, clothing fishing in Florida is much different from clothing fishing in Massachusetts.

You have to check the local weather forecast before deciding on clothing fishing. You will have to think about dressing in layers and keeping your clothes prepared for the coldest possibility. When it gets warmer, dressing in layers will help you to take a layer or two off.


Fishing is an occupation that has always been at the mercy of the weather. The practical requirement for warm clothing for fishermen has motivated the development of clothing fishing sweaters known as jerseys and guernseys. These sweaters were known as jerseys because these knitted garments came from Jersey which is the largest of the English Channel Islands where whorsted spinning was a big industry.

The neighboring island of Guernsey also gave its name to the classic square shaped wool sweater which was designed with a straight neck so that it could be reversed. The isolated fishing community in these islands depended largely on the housewives to knit for their fishermen husbands. By tradition, the sweaters worn by the fishermen were mostly naval blue in color to reflect the sea and the sky.



For a comprehensive fishing clothing list before going on a fishing trip, you will require items like gloves, boots, fleeces, flotation suits, vests, jerseys, caps, socks, sweatshirts, tops, T-shirts, thermal underwear and waterproofs.

When packing vests, you have to be careful. The fishing vest epitomizes clothing fishing. It has been classically associated with anglers throughout the history of the fishing sport. Even though vests may be traditional, they do not look antiquated. They come in many varieties such as Patagonia, Fishpond, Redington and Loop. The current designs of clothing fishing vests make sure that you will be ready in contemporary style with everything you need to keep your gear and gizmos close to you. The vests have storage space for all items you may want to carry with you. There are bigger pockets for many types of tackles that come in different sizes.

If you want to go out fishing in summer, it is better if you select a polyester mesh vest that makes sure that there is ventilation and flexibility by means of stretchable comfort. A nylon teflon vest will also be a secure fit that will be good in repelling oils and water. These vests are durable and light in weight. They will stand up to tough conditions outdoor.

Tips and comments

When you decide on a destination before going fishing, you will have to be prepared with adequate fishing clothing and equipment to carry along with you to have a successful trip. But when you plan a deep sea fishing trip to Alaska perhaps, then the choice of right clothing fishing can become complicated. The weather can change in an instant out on the open sea. So, you will need multi layers of extra clothing. You will also require rain gear in addition to the layers of warm winter clothing.


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