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Best Type Of Bras To Wear With Dressy Clothing


When choosing clothing and bras, you want to be sure that your choice fits what you are wearing. The biggest mistake that many women make, is choosing a bra of a different style and color than goes with their outfit. When you are wearing dressy or formal clothing, your bra choice is even more important because often these dresses are more revealing and sometimes show a bra more than a normal dress would. It is important that clothing bras fit well and that they compliment your outfit instead of detract from it or cause wardrobe malfunctions.

Step 1

The most important part of choosing clothing and bras is to choose the right color. Nothing screams poor outfit choosing more than the wrong color of bra under a fabulous outfit. When you are wearing a dressy black dress, for instance, wearing a white bra makes your entire outfit be ruined with just one poor choice. If you are wearing a black dress, make sure that your bra games by wearing a black bra. Dont wear dark colored bras with white dresses. Be very careful to check and make sure that your bra color blends in seamlessly with the outfit that you are wearing.

Step 2

Another important part of clothing bras is to make sure that the style fits your dress. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you don't want your bra straps showing as this takes away from the look of your beautiful dress and ruins your outfit. Make sure that you choose a bra that can be adjusted to fit your dress, whether it be strapless, halter, or other style. If the clothing bras show through any part of your dress, then you need to find another bra to go with your outfit. Many bras now come with different types of adjustable straps for different outfits and occasions.

Step 3

It is also important to make sure that your bra fits well. Clothing bras are meant to mold to your body, you should not have gaps, or wrinkles in the cup portion of the bra. Your bra should be undetectable under your dress. Your bra should not be so tight that it cuts into your skin and causes lumps in your outfit. It should flow seamlessly under your outfit and create a smooth and classy look without bra lines showing. If your bra is very obvious under your outfit, then you need to choose another type of bra to make your beautiful dress be the center of attention and not your bra.

Step 4

The mistake that women often make is wearing a bra with a dress outfit. Often these dresses are meant to be worn without a bra. You can wear breast policies that are adhesive and in a nude color. They do not even show because they are seamless and hidden. These bra policies are so much better than the old, traditional bras because they truly are undetectable under clothing and are meant to be worn with today's more revealing styles. This prevents any bra straps from showing and the seams are not detectable at all. This creates a beautiful look in formal wear.

Step 5

It is important when you are choosing clothing bras that you make sure that they fit your outfit well. Make sure that you test your bra with your outfit well before you make the decision. Make sure that you try the outfit under different lighting to be sure that your bra does not show through your outfit. It also helps to get a friend to help you look. A friend can often notice bulges and seams in your clothing that you can't see. If you don't have a friends help, you can also take a picture of yourself in different lights to be sure that your bra does not shine through.

Tips and comments

  • Wear the right bra for your outfit.
  • Choose wisely.
  • Look in different lights.



By David Scott, published at 03/26/2012
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Best Type Of Bras To Wear With Dressy Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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