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5 Tips For Preventing Bras From Showing Under Your Clothing


You will be surprised when you hear that almost all fashion gurus, big names in the world of fashion and style, designers, etc. insist that the foundation of a good-looking outfit is, believe it or not, a good set of undergarments. You will be surprised at the amount of clothing a bra worn incorrectly can spoil. Worn under your clothing, bras can either make your appearance look good or bad. It all depends on how bras are worn. If you put on an elegant dress but the bra strap is showing, then it can pretty much spoil the entire look of your outfit. You just need to know how to prevent your bras from showing under the clothing, or black bras showing under white clothes do not look classy at all.

Step 1

Even though we see very fancy undergarments, complete with yards of lace and what not, but not all lingerie is meant to be shown off. A very well-known designer once declared on national television that wearing a black bra under a white shirt was like some movie mistake. Then again, it depends on the clothing bras are worn under. But yes, for those of you who would rather not showcase their inner business read on. The thing is we take “showing” as a two-sided thing. Showing a bra through clothing does not just signify the color combo, it means the garment in form as well. So lesson one; if you are wearing tight clothing or snug sweat shirts go for seamless bras. They work best as they simply become a part of you. The thing is the pattern of your undergarment showing through your shirt isn’t even classified as fashionable.

Step 2

Lesson two: when worn under cleavage showing or shoulder less clothing bras must be strapless. Bras with straps look very ugly when worn under strapless dresses.

Step 3

Lesson three: in case of wide necked shirts it is advisable to pin your bra straps to your shirt from the inside so that they stay fixed in one place. Lesson four: in case of dresses with thin and see through fabric, always make sure that the bra you wear is of the same color as that of your dress. This keeps the bra from showing. Skin colored or nude bras are also very helpful here, especially under white cotton shirts since white will always be transparent and the lingerie shall show. Lesson five: and as they say, if all is lost then the best thing to do with highly troublesome clothing is to wear a camisole on top as well. Something thin, preferably of the same color as your clothing will do wonders since it hides the seams if there are any and the bra totally disappears under them. Also, avoid ultra embellished lingerie under clingy clothes.


The best tip and most obvious one is to wear the bra that is actually your size, anything too big or too small will show one way or the other. Also, what clothing bras are worn for is also important. Always remember that the lingerie defines the garment, not the other way around. Keep these in mind and you’re good to go!

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By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/22/2012
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