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Treatment Options For Hair Loss

Published at 02/23/2012 20:28:29


There are various treatments for hair loss and the internet is the best place to know more about this. There are remedies in allopath, homeopathy and many other forms of medicines, as well as in the popular alternative medicines. There are also time tested natural remedies that are being increasingly used.


While there are many chemical based hair growth and treatment hair loss products that promise instant hair growth many are turning to natural remedies that are free of chemicals and do not have side effects. Prescription drugs and injections and over the counter medicines should be the last resort and should be used only if the natural remedies are of no use. A balanced diet is the first step for healthy, thick and fast growing hair. A vitamins and protein rich diet will immensely help in treatment hair loss. Vitamin E is a nutrient that will increase blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles. Applying this Vitamin E oil on the scalp will quicken hair growth. Protein is very important in treatment hair loss and including it in daily food is highly essential. It helps produce new hair. Iron, that carries oxygen to the hair and zinc, that helps in the growth and repair of tissues are also very much needed for hair growth. Deficiency in these two minerals will lead to hair fall.


Unsaturated fats like Omega 3 helps absorb the various vitamins needed for treatment hair loss and new growth. Vitamin C deficiency can make the hair lifeless and dull and make the hair brittle and break easily. A diet rich in fruits vegetables, nuts, meat, fish and dairy products will go a long way in preventing hair fall and in the growth of strong ones. Timely meals and intake of sufficient quantity of water is also a must. There are numerous vitamin supplements that have all the necessary vitamins and minerals that will quicken treatment hair loss grow and reduce hair fall. However, natural food and remedies that are found in the kitchen are often the best things needed to get the kind of hair one dreams of. Various products made from like aloe vera and other herbs and natural ingredients are used for treatment hair loss. Scalp infection is often a reason for hair fall and for slow growth, these can be treated with the right medicines and once treatment hair loss is done the hair grows normally. In these days of hectic living stress plays a huge role in the loss of hair and inhibits hair growth. Trying to be tension free and having a happy frame of mind will reduce hair fall, and aid treatment hair loss. Certain styling treatments, crash diets and abusing hair by brushing harshly and tying it tightly with hair bands can also cause hair fall and prevent hair growth. Not buying hair products based on what is shown in the advertisements but buying those that suits one’s hair is important for treatment hair loss.

Tips and comments

Right information, a balanced diet, disciplined eating habits, meditation and exercises, proper medication are the right treatment hair loss and will prevent hair fall and make hair grow.


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