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How To Stop Hair From Falling Out

Published at 03/27/2012 18:44:19


It is very important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet to stop hair loss. This means sufficient calcium, protein and enough fresh vegetables and fruits. Drinking water is a must, and you should try to reduce the amount of junk food you consume.

Step 1

Some food that will help your hair grow nice and shiny, and will stop hair loss due to lack of nutrition is beans, yogurt, fish, almonds, food rich in Vitamin B and more.

Step 2

Try to massage your scalp with oil to stop hair loss. Do this in gentle circular motions, and use your fingertips rather than your fingernails. This will increase circulation and encourage hair growth, and will also dislodge bits of dirt and dry skin that will have formed on your scalp.

Step 3

To stop hair loss, you should make sure that you clean your hair very properly. This means that you use a good amount of shampoo and spend enough time on working it into your scalp and hair. Also, wash away the shampoo nicely, as any residue of shampoo will damage your scalp and hair, and lead to hair loss. Also, washing your hair excessively is not a good idea .you should wash it when you feel it is dirty and bothering you. Excessive washing takes away the natural oils your scalp secretes to remain healthy.

Step 4

Chemicals are also a major reason for hair fall. To stop hair fall, try to use herbal products and try to avoid dyes, perming, excessive chemical treatment of hair as it will weaken your hair by changing its structure. Gels also happen to dry the scalp, so use them cautiously, especially if you want to stop hair from falling out. If you want to take this to another level, also avoid drying your hair using a hair dryer, but let it dry naturally. You will find that makes your hair more healthy and shiny.

Step 5

As wet hair is weaker and it is more prone to stretching and breaking, to stop hair fall, you should make sure that you do not try to comb it forcefully when it is wet. Instead, use a widetooth comb to disentangle your hair after you wash them. You could also use conditioner and serum on your hair to make sure that the hair is not knotted or tangled when you comb it when wet.

Tips and comments

Similarly, if you want to stop hair loss, never go to bed with your hair wet. This will make them rub against each other and they might break off and fall. This may be easier said than done, but try to not be stressed. Try to meditate or do something you enjoy, take a nice long bath, or listen to calming music, so that you are not overcome by daily life.


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