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How To Dye Hair Pink


There will be times when you get really bored with your present hair style, and you want some change, a change that looks good and makes you feel like the most rocking person ever. And you can get that by cutting your hair in many different styles like layers, long layers, short layers, steps, rough haircut or the emo hairstyle. There can even be times when you get bored with the color of your hair, and you want to dye it with some funky color like Auburn or simply dye your hair pink. You can also dye your hair pink for Halloween and make it go with some sort of outfit. There are many steps by which you can get pink hair. The following steps will help you in attaining the pink hair color you always wanted.

Step 1

The thing you should do before dying your hair pink is to go to a store which has many types of wigs. Try the different shades of pink and the shade that suits you the best; see which shade of pink looks good and then you can purchase the shade of pink, which suits you. You should always buy a temporary color. The temporary color will be the one that comes off in one or two washes. Furthermore, try dying your hair at home because beauty parlors will be really expensive for this purpose.

Step 2

You can start the process of dying your hair pink by bleaching your hair. The bleaching helps in making the color as vibrant as possible. Furthermore, it makes your hair dry which in turn helps it in absorbing the color.

Step 3

So you need to take out about 1/4th of pink hair dye from the tube and then mix it with the help of a brush. A toothbrush works well for this process.

Step 4

After this take a small towel and place it around your neck and cover the area under your neck region before you start dying your hair pink. This will prevent your neck from turning pink but would surely ruin the towel.

Step 5

After this put on a pair of gloves and then start applying the pink hair color. Make sure that you apply the color evenly and without leaving any sort of spots. There will also be places which you cannot reach yourself. However, you can get a friend to help you out in applying color to the areas which you cannot reach yourself. Let the dye sit in your hair so wait for an hour or so or you can simply use a heat cap. After waiting for a while you can get into the shower and rinse your hair and use a shampoo to get the dye out of your hair. And then dry your hair with a towel. Your hair will be dyed pink.


Pink hair does not look that good so you can try using a wig for the time that you need pink hair. This way your hair will not get damaged because of the application of the hair color. You must never use a permanent hair color because if it does not look good it will get off in a month’s time, so you do not have to worry.

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