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How To Remove Unwanted Hair


Do you want to remove hair from your body, but you're not sure what method is best for you... or even what the methods are? Smooth skin is nice to have these days, so it's important to know what the methods are, and which method you should choose. This article will outline some of the methods that are out there, and tell you a little bit about them.

Step 1

Shaving is a very temporary way to remove hair. This has to do with the fact that it only cuts off the visible tips of the hair, rather then ridding of the hair by the roots. Shaving does not effect the hair in any way, in spite of myths that state that it can make hair thicker, darker, and grow faster. However, the hair will grow out with a blunt tip rather then the normal (less noticeable tip), creating the appearance of thicker or darker hair. If you choose to shave in order to remove hair, you should use some kind of cream or moisturizer to help the razor slide over your skin. This way the razor won't cut or scrape your skin.

Step 2

Bleaching is a common method that people use to make hair significantly less visible. It is not a method that can be used to remove hair. This is particularly useful for areas where it is uncomfortable or unnecessary to actually remove the hair. These areas can include the arms, face, neck, or stomach. This method works best for hair that is thin, but dark. Bleaching works best by applying the chemical to the desired area. The chemical will remove all pigment from the hair, leaving it unnoticeable.

Step 3

Plucking is a way to remove hair with the use of tweezers. In order to remove hair by plucking, use the tweezers to grab the shaft of the hair, and yank it out with a swift pulling motion. This can be time consuming, because it's necessary to remove the hairs one at a time. Because of this, it's usually used on the eyebrows only. Plucking will remove the hair by its roots, making it difficult for the hair to grow back. Because plucking doesn't involve cutting off the hair, it won't change density or appearance of hair growth. 

Step 4

Waxing is similar to plucking in that it's a way to remove hair by the roots. Unlike plucking, waxing is a very effective way to remove large amounts of hair at one time. Waxing is done by heating up wax, or a thick sugary substance. After the wax is heated, it can be spread across the skin in the direction of the hair growth. The hair will become embedded within the wax, which then begins to cool and become solid. After the wax becomes cool, it can be pulled in the direction opposite the hair growth to quickly remove hair. Cold waxes are also available, but require the use of strips because the wax doesn't harden. Use caution with heated wax, there's always the risk of burning the skin. Wax can sometimes be a painful, but quick method of hair removal.

Step 5

Laser hair removal is a way to remove hair with the use of a laser. The laser sends pulsed light directly onto the skin, which seeks out melanin (or the color pigment of the hair.) Once it finds the hair, it disables the hair follicle. After about ten days, the hair will fall out on its own. Because hair grows in different stages, and because laser hair removal treatment can cause dormant hairs to grow, multiple sessions will be needed. Laser hair removal can greatly reduce hair growth, but it is not a quick fix. Because the laser targets melanin, laser hair removal is most effective on persons with light skin and dark hair. Its least effective on persons with light skin and light hair, and will sometimes work on persons with dark hair and dark skin.


1. With any type of hair removal, remember to properly moisturize your skin, as many forms of hair removal can cause irritation.

2. Choose the method of hair removal that works best for you. For instance, if waxing causes severe irritation to your skin... don't do it.

3. Be aware of side effects. Almost every form of hair removal has rare, but existent side effects. 


Currently there is no permanent way to remove hair. There is only hair reduction (laser hair removal), or longer means to remove hair (such as waxing or plucking.) Temporary ways to remove hair include shaving or bleaching.

By Savanna Lujan, published at 03/25/2012
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