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How To Do Emo-Style Hair


The emo hair style is so cool you would get anytime it is only natural that everyone wants to get the look and to get the emo hair you need to know that you have the emo strength in your hair and you eyes and everyone know that. This article is to help you get the real steps of getting an emo hair style on your own or with a friend at the comfort of your home or at the salon with your hair stylist.

Step 1

Let your hair grow then cut it

It does not matter what type of hair you have you could have long hair with choppy layers or you could have hair that you could backcomb or you could even have hair that is slightly puffed with curry hair. The emo hair style is quit unique and requires you to take your time if you are a girl make sure you trim you fringe often make sure it is not too long or short it should get to your eyelashes when you open your eyes. You have an option of having short or long layers this would enable to either backcomb your hair or just tease it and puff it and if you are boy get the layers too you might not want to backcomb it so you may get spikes at the back instead.

Step 2

Razors trim your hair occasionally

Always remember not to use the common razor that men use to shave their face or women use to shave their legs. This razor is mostly called a safety razor. Instead use a straight razor or a razor comb. The razor comb keeps your hair cut fresh and neat and gets rid of split ends. It is also important to always cut your hair when it is completely dry and not wet this way you are able to cut the amount of hair you feel comfortable with.

Step 3

Straighten you hair

If you straighten your hair often you will notice that it breaks a lot so use heat defense shampoos and spray to keep your hair healthy. But if you have natural wavy hair you can use gel to keep it straight this is because the emo hair style require straight hair. So if you hair is curly you may want to straighten it.this will give a good emo hair style

Step 4

Dye your hair

What do you think of dyed hair? Are you brave enough?die you hair with the most common colors that is black or bleech blond. You can put neon streaks it is beautiful when put on your hair but if you are brave enough and want a true emo hair die your whole head an extreme color.

Step 5

Accessorize your hair

Add accessories to your hair but gradually if you put to much you will end up looking bad so girls try ribbons and clips they work well with emo hair.


Take care of you hair dying it everyday or every week is bad for your hair, and if you parents don’t like it when you dye your hair use semi permanent dye it washes out so easily. Use shampoo and conditioner when you are washing the die.

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By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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