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How To Apply Makeup For a Natural Look


Most women try hard to look and feel beautiful. Enhancing natural beauty is the best route.  Using natural makeup on their faces can help achieve this goal.

Step 1

In order to look more beautiful and to get to have a natural makeup, you must know the basic tips about it. Here is a collection of well-researched beauty tips that will make sure your natural makeup looks. Before starting with a makeover, make sure that the previous make up has been thoroughly removed.

Step 2

For this you can use a small amount of cleanser and rub it gently on your face. Then use a small cotton ball to scoot off the previous makeup effects. Now wash your face with nice cool water gently. Then, after drying your face, get a small measure of moisturizer and apply it in the form of circles on your face. No need to make it all greasy, a small amount would be quite enough.

Step 3

Now apply foundation after carefully choosing the shade of the foundation that games your complexion in full accord. If you have difficulty in determining, get near a window where the light is full, then put a small spot with foundation on your skin and examine how it matches. If you have dark circles then use the foundation to hide them. Put three dots in the line of bags and then gently rub them to give a natural makeup look. It would be really good if you could conceal all the spots and blemishes beforehand. For this purpose take an adequate amount of the concealer and dab it gently on the dark spots.

Step 4

When you are done with the mending of the flaws, your next aim will be to get the shades on your skin. Making use of two eyeshadows rather than a single one will make sure a more natural makeup professional look than you have thought. Use a single light color for whole eyelid and a darker shade to outline the crease. You will see the striking effects.

Step 5

After that curl your eyelashes and use a dark shade of mascara to highlight your eyes. Then use a touch of soft pink blush shade for your cheeks and mid face. In the end, put a soft lipgloss or lipstick to compliment the lips. 


Having this natural makeup will make you expert at having a natural look along with a lot of time and money saving for complex makeup cosmetics.

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By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 03/23/2012
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