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How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Makeup


Since the eyes are the most expressive feature of our faces, let’s enhance their beauty and make them pop with the some nice eyes makeup ideas.

Step 1

Firstly, if you don’t want to disrupt the attention from your beautiful eyes to the dark circles around them, never skip the concealer prior makeup. When you apply it, focus on the inner corners, especially if they tend to look bluish because these are the places where the signs of tiredness install first.

Step 2

After that, for all day long lasting eyes makeup, put a thin layer of foundation on the eyelids. This will act like a barrier against the oily pores and will sustain the eyeliner. The color scheme of the eyeshadow will also look as you’d expect because your natural skin color won’t interfere with the eyes makeup. Wait two or three minute to dry and then pull out the eyeliner from the cosmetics bag.

Step 3

Eye contouring is perhaps the most important part of the eyes makeup. Depending on your preferences, you can follow the eyes line or you can give them another shape with only a few tricks. For example, use a light colored pencil liner for the bottom lid and for the inner corner of the eyes makeup if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter or use liquid eyeliner for the upper lid if you want to elongate their shape.

Step 4

The eyeshadow you apply gives the other ones a clue about your mood. If you want your eyes to say you’re happy, choose warm eyes makeup colors like pink or bright shades of coral. If you want your eyes to look dramatic and unapproachable, choose neutral or cold nuances. For your eyes to look really intense, regardless of the color you choose, get over the natural look and always choose to put three nuances of the same color: bright, medium and dark. The bright one is for the inner corner of the eye and for the mobile lid, the medium one is for the deepest areas of the eyes, for the creases, and the dark one is for the outer corner of the eyes. The latest whim among the famous singers and actresses is the replacement of the bright shade with a silver hue, so try it to see if it works for you.

Step 5

Thick lashes are something we all aim to have because they add expressiveness to our eyes. As they naturally tend to lie over the eyes, never forget to curl them with a special eyelash curler before applying mascara if you want your eyes pupils to be admired. Brush them in order separate the stuck lashes and enhance their beauty with double mascara only on the upper lid: one to elongate them and the other one to color them.
Finally, don’t forget the eyebrows. The eyes makeup can be ruined if the eyebrows look unkempt, so brush and define them with an eyebrow pencil. Choose a eyes makeup pencil that matches your eyebrow nuance and do not deviate too much from their original shape because otherwise the eyebrows will look false.


So, in a nutshell, if you want your eyes to pop always define them with eyeliner, embrace a more complex eyeshadow with three nuances, apply double mascara and keep your eyebrows neat.

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