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The Makeup Tools Every Professional Needs

Published at 03/28/2012 19:26:11


Achieving the flawless make-up is easy with the right tools for the correct application. Makeup management is possible for just anybody but you will require the right kind of makeup tools to achieve a professional look and feel. The right tools can help you with achieving all your makeup goals. For example, anyone can do a smudging of eye shadow on the eyelids and use some blushing on the cheeks with the help of fingers. However, if you are looking for a suave, professional and polished look, then you need to have the correct and relevant makeup tools. Making a decision about the right makeup tools can be daunting because there are so many different tools available in various sizes, shapes and materials.

A blush brush should always be dome-shaped. This kind of brush can provide two advantages. It can be used to apply the blush and also for dusting translucent powder. To make sure a sheer look, consider using blush brush like Stila Makeup Brush as it can be used for both applying the blush and contouring the face and is a must-have makeup tool in your kit. A concealer brush is usually a slightly flat brush. It helps hide circles underneath your eyes, nose and hides any flaws and blemishes naturally and neatly. However, you need to be firm while using it or it could create an uneven finish.

Another professional makeup tool is the powder puff. It is used to apply loose powder over the foundation and for touching up makeup. To obtain an even result, apply by pressing and not by dragging the powder puff over the skin. You can remove any excess powder from the puff for a light result. Lip Brush is a makeup tool which creates a perfect outline of the lips. It is a unique tool for emphasizing the shape of the lips. It enables you to easily achieve a smooth look by using a matte or a dark shade of lipstick along with a hint of gloss for the best shimmering look.

Applying eye shadow with a damp and narrow eye liner brush can give you that powdery eyeliner effect. Liquid liner can also be applied with this important makeup tool. Eyelash curler is another important makeup tool. Although it looks more like a torture device, it can be extremely helpful in opening up the eyes and also for adding a dramatic look and feel. The key thing is to hold it firmly and effectively.

Tips and comments

It should be noted that the right makeup tool is just as important as the makeup itself. Many professional make up artists have the tendency to underrate and overlook this fact. All the above named tools should be included in every makeup kit and should be used correctly. That way you can stay ahead of your competition.


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