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Most Common Examples Of Disease Of the Skin


In the simplest term a disease involving skin is known as skin disease and field of biology that deals with its study is known as dermatology. As skin is the largest exposed organ of the body many people contract some form of the disease at some point in their life time. Skin diseases are normally caught by the sharp-eyed person, or a person who is vigilant and takes good care of his skin. These types of diseases can become a cause of embarrassment to a person because they are very visible to the eye. Some of these diseases are caused by the genetics of the person and are known as congenital, these are type of disease could be incurable and the focus of the doctors when dealing with them is to make the patient as comfortable as possible, others are cause by a number of different reason ranging from bacterial infection to allergic reaction to insect bites all these things could be the reason for disease occurring.


As most form of the disease are recognised by naked eye because they cause some kind of alteration to the skin which means these disease have been recognised since the beginning of time. Some of these disease were cured and some not due to the information available. The late 18th and early 19th century is the time frame when time frame when most pioneering work regarding skin diseases and dermatology was done as first book was written and printed in this time and also the first school was opened. The field of dermatology received a great boost in the year 1952 due Dr. Norman Orentreich and his pioneering work in the field.


Skin problems can arise from various reasons and at any point in your life; they could range from being as complex as hormonal disturbance to as simple being from the lack of sleep. The simplest way to recognise them is that you could feel serious itch in the surface or that surface could be red, dry or flaky all these signs could easily be recognised by the person itself. Most of these skin diseases are not deadly and can easily be avoided with proper skin care or some mild of natural remedies. In rare cases if no attention is given to these diseases they can prove to be deadly like in the case of toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN).

Tips and comments

Most skin disease could easily be avoided by taking some basic precautions these precautions are eat plenty of fresh fruit, wash your hands frequently, avoid sharing you things which are directly in touch with your skin, treats would immediately and lastly use moisturising/ sunscreen as protection. Skins problem should be taken lightly though and if you think you are suffering one and something that is causing you problem in your daily routine you should visit a dermatologist for expert guidance and required medication. Skin diseases are usually easily curable and nothing to be embarrassed as most of suffers from one or the other form of it at some point in our life.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/09/2012
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Most Common Examples Of Disease Of the Skin. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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