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How To Remove Marker From Your Skin

Published at 03/29/2012 09:24:57


Permanent markers that create permanent marks on various objects are fun and allow a person to let losoe his creativeness. The market is flooded with different kinds of permanent markets to write, draw and decorate on binders, clothes, etc. The permanent marker always leaves marks on the skin and these marks are sure to disappear from the skin after sometime. But if you do not want to wait for long and want it removed immediately then there are a few simple and easy ways to remove them.

Step 1

The area in your skin can be rubbed with coarse salt and then washed with soap and rinsed well. This makes the hands safe and can be used to eat. Hand sanitizers also remove the marker from your skin effectively. Alcohol can be rubbed on the surface with cotton or a soft cloth and rubbed, this loosens the marker ink from your skin. It can then be wiped off and the areas cleaned with soap and water. Hairspray and nail polish removers are also two things that help clean the marker from your skin with ease. Sunscreen lotions and tea tree oil are also perfect remedies to remove permanent markers. Care should taken that tea tree oil and a few other remedies are not rubbed onto the eyes as this can cause a burning sensation.

Step 2

Even if most of the ingredients mentioned are not available easily, every home will have toothpaste and a mouthwash. These make excellent marker removers from your skin. Apply some toothpaste over the area in your skin that has to be cleaned and then pour mouthwash over it. After keeping it for a few minutes it should be rubbed off. The area is then cleaned with soap and water. These works effectively in all parts of the body and you need not worry about side effects.

Step 3

White glue applied on your skin and peeling it off after it is dry is yet another way to remove marker. This however, obviously should not be used to remove marker stains from the hair. The higher percentage of alcohol in a solution helps remove the permanent ink easily when compared with one that is diluted with more water. Thick paste of baking soda and water can be applied on your skin and washed with soap and water. Olive oil or other oil and butter also do the trick.

Step 4

Not only elders and big children, even small kids like playing with permanent marker pens. In fact they love it more and often get all parts of their hands, face and skin colored with body markers. Moms have to be careful while removing these marks as their skin is very sensitive and not all remedies that are perfect for elders are ideal for them.

Step 5

Baby oil or baby lotion and vaseline can be dabbed on all the areas including the face, and rubbed gently till the marker disappears. Small amount spread on a brush can remove marker from beneath the fingernails.


The manufacturers of permanent markers manufacture markers that can be easily removed from your skin. A few simple steps will help remove the stains easily.


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