How To Remove Cat Hair From Your Clothes
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How To Remove Cat Hair From Your Clothes

Published at 03/24/2012 23:06:57


How To Remove Cat Hair From Your Clothes

Pets are more loyal creatures in one’s live that never leave them alone. They are partners to people in their daily lives.  For a large majority of people, they cannot imagine a life without their pets especially if it is a cuddly cat of their favorite breed. But, no matter what breed of cat you may have, they all appear to have a bundle of hair that it can easily leave on your clothes when you have her set in your lap while reading a book or having your morning tea. Even though being an immensely lovable creature, the cat hair is a complete no no for some people and here is how you can get rid of them.

Step 1

For starters, the best tip to keep your house as well as your clothing clean from any cat hair, you need to have a healthy habit of cleaning. A good housekeeping in this matter can prove to be highly beneficial for your cleanliness. This way when you sit back and relax on your sofa where your cat sits too, you will not any hair on your clothes from your sofa, floor, carpet or any other place.

Step 2

The next big step to avoid cat hair from getting on your clothing is to give it some special treatment before it can even think of grabbing its place in your arms or on your lap. You can get a brush or a cat’s hair roller from your nearest store and allow the loose hair come out them so that they do not entangle in your clothing later on. This way, you will also get a chance to pamper your cat.

Step 3

For more options for the removal of cat hair, you can most certainly use lint rollers and brushes on your clothing as well in order to brush off all the hair that have made onto your clothing. They can be found easily at any store and can be used on any type of material except the most elaborate ones with embellishments.

Step 4

In case you are thinking that buying a brush or a lint roller for removing the cat hair on your clothing can cost you most than what you are willing to spend out of your budget, you can also apply a much more cheap process that only requires a masking tape. You can simple wrap it around your hand and pull out the entire stuck cat in from your clothing while placing the sticky side on it and then jerking your hand back.

Step 5

When in a hurry, you can also apply this procedure for quickly removing cat hair from your clothing by just putting your clothing covered in fur in the dryer and add a fabric softener in it. The solvent that you just added will make the hair release from the surface of the fabric and you will easily be able to wear your clothes again.


How To Remove Cat Hair From Your Clothes

For more ways to clean your garments from cat hair, you can apply a number of other methods too. For instance, you can adopt a habit of washing your clothes on a strictly regular basis which will automatically provide you with cat hair free clothing all the time.

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