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The Top 10 Skin Problems

Published at 03/31/2012 01:46:39


There are limitless skin problems that an person may suffer from at any given point of their life. Its unreasonable to state that someone has never suffered from a skin related problem, since that's highly unlikely. Skins problems can sometimes be fatal if not taken care of, but only in extreme cases. Normal skin problems that can occur on any portion of the body might either be visible or be under the skin depending on the type. These usual problems are not fatal, but can be a major inconvenience if not taken care of and can aggravate further.

Step 1

Previously, during the prehistoric and medieval times, most skin conditions went unnoticed. These eventually worsened and led to untimely deaths because doctors couldn't predict the cause or solution. The most common type was cancer and aggravated cases of dermatitis. Skin problems which were common and noticeable did have medieval cures that were purely natural. Extracts of various foods, plants and fruits were the common ones.

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Modern times entailed more research and knowledge which was the basis for determining cures for certain conditions and finding medicines suited to each. Cancer however, is one skin problems that hasn't been cured as yet, but can be fought off if one has strong will power.

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Skin problems related to the scalp comprise of dandruff most commonly, which is a feature of dry flaky skin falling off. This can be further increased due to hormonal, seasonal and diet changes. The second most important type of skin problem is usually an allergy, which can cause rashes and irritated skin on different parts of the body that come in contact with something foreign. Substances that might cause allergies are plants, nuts, powders, creams and wool. Doctor needs to be consulted to determine the actual reason.

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The third type of skin problem is Athletes Foot, and is cause in those engaging in physical activity or even regular people. Usually when one sweats or washes feet it can result in water to be left between the toes. This water can result in infections because of being in a damp place and can result in itchiness. Next, eczema is an extreme form of skin problems that is when dead skin falls off in different parts of the body and makes a person want to itch continuously. This condition is, obviously, treated by using ointments and different medicines and scratching will make it more painful. Head lice are very common in young children and are rather disgusting. They are caused by keeping hair dirty frequently and transfer from person to person. They should be removed and checked for regularly.

Step 5

Other skin problems comprise of atopic dermatitis which cause ingrown itching bumps over different parts of the body. Acne is also a troublesome skin problem that is apparent in most teenagers. It is unsightly and needs to be treated by going to a dermatologist. Sun burn is painful and can be seen all over the body on areas that are overexposed to the sun for tanning or other work related purposes. Common warts are a hideous looking condition that's contagious and brought about by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

Tips and Comments

Skin cancer is the last type of skin problem and the most severe and is incurable. If a person is not strong willed and doesn't have the resources for treatment it can mostly be fatal. One should devise appropriate treatments for each of these skin problems and always visit the doctor if a problem shows no signs of disappearing.


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