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What Type Of Shoes Are Liked By West Indian People

Published at 02/29/2012 20:53:36


Indian summers are all about heat, humidity and dust. Temperatures soar to a very high level and people look for respite from the heat in whatever way possible. This is especially true for the people of west India, where arid conditions and high temperatures prevail throughout the year. The habits and dresses of the people there have evolved according to the needs of the climate. This applies to shoes as well.


These are called mojari (alternately spelled as mozari, or called kussa in other parts of the Asia, especially Pakistan, where they are popular too) and have been a part of Indian culture for a very long time now. They were worn earlier by royalty exclusively, and were embroidered and decorated with precious metals, fine silk thread and semi-precious stones (they had to be in keeping with the rest of the attire of Kings and Queens and their consorts!), but later, more affordable material was used so these could be worn by all.

The mojari shoes west India produces are made of vegetable-tanned leather. They are hand-crafted by experienced artisans with extreme skill and care. A single piece of leather is given a distinctive shape. These popular shoes West Indians wear are purely organic in nature – even the sole and the other parts of the shoe are held together by thread that secures the two together. What is the best news for all eco-friendly people out there is that these are wholly degradable, coming from natural sources.


These are shoes West Indians and even people from other parts of the country wear daily or on special occasions. This is why they are made in a simple fashion, or can be highly ornamental, with mirror work, embroidery, sparkle, shells, studs, beads etc. on them.

Mojaris are usually open at the rear end (this is what makes them comfortable, as heat is not trapped in the feet does not get sweaty and painful) and have toes that curl upward. This is what differentiates them for other shoes. West Indians also wear juttis. Juttis have flat toes and are not open at the end, though they are also made of leather and are adorned with heavy embroidery work and other embellishments. Also, like with other shoes, there is a left-right distinction for mojaris, but this is not true for juttis.

It is heartening to see the popularity of these shoes West Indian artisans make. Even though many crafts have died out with the advent of mass production of things required for daily use, these have carved out a position for themselves in the market and are hugely popular with those who wear Indian traditional clothes, and have also been paired to achieve a rather modern look with western attire such as jeans.

Tips and comments

They seem to be popular with all age groups; their ethnic appeal and comfort have made them very popular among the masses. The artisans and designers make efforts to update appliqués, decorations and colors so that they reflect contemporary style and taste.


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