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Every season, there is an immense wait for the latest fashion and trends. Every year, this wait grows and escalates till it drives the men of the household mad. But for the women of the house, all shoes the designers launch in their collections are products to drool over and save fanatically for. Women love shoes, there is no question about that.

With the changing trends and seasons, there are thousands of varieties available on the market of shoes. Vintage, futuristic, classic, elegant, traditional, fussy, glamorous, there are all types and styles that you could shop for at any given place on the market or shopping mall. The best part about the seasons and weather is that there are numerous changes in shoes the designers make and launch in the season's start. The women get to experiment with their footwear and make it as creative or non-creative as they like

Shoes the market or shopping has stocked have become really popular among women of all kinds and ages. Top trends that are selected as the favorites of women all over the world change with every season. There are different shoes for winter and completely different collection for the summer and spring seasons. Shoes are used as accessories but also as a fashion statement. You can pair up a casual outfit with really sparkly sandals or some high reaching gold gladiators and viola.

You have an outfit set to stun your friends and others. Shoes can be made to enhance your outfit or to downplay it. See, if you wear brightly colored, beaded and embellished shoes the designers have selected for their current brands, you can make your entire outfit look very high maintenance and expensive. If you have highly formal clothes that you think aren't very appropriate for the occasion you mean to wear them for, you can just team them up with shoes that are a little simply and low key. This way instead of changing the entire outfit, you can start a whole new trend.

For winters, shoes the ladies prefer the most are those that cover up your skin to protect you from the cold but also look highly chic and fashionable. This look can sometimes be very difficult to achieve because it is hard to look good with all those layers you have on to protect yourself from the icy winds. There are numerous boots and sneakers that can be made to look really nice with whatever outfit you plan on wearing.

There are high-heeled boots, boots that can be zipped up to your thighs, studded and beaded boots, shaded and frayed boots that look really hot paired with skinny jeans and bomber jackets. Sneakers now have also been launched in hundreds of styles and patterns that look really cool, no matter what your age or gender. There are sneakers with really colorful sprayed patterns or checks or polka dots. They come hand painted with faces of celebrities or completely abstract designs that really pick out the colors they've used in the shoes.

Tips and comments

Women and men alike should go for a variety of shoes in their selections. Shoes the designers launch are well and good but there should also be some from your local market just to keep things changing.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/01/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
The Top Designer Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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