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How To Organize Your Closet When You Have Lots Of Shoes

Published at 03/15/2012 17:33:38


Lots of shoes spread in the corridor are a problem which many of us have. Their organization is like a dirty job that everybody runs away from because it takes time and patience, especially if you have a small storage space. However, you can make things to become enjoyable if imagine how organized your entranceway will be. So consider the next advice and options for storing your lots of shoes.

Step 1

First, think of how many pairs of shoes you have to deposit and don't ignore the space available in your storage area. Also take in consideration the types of shoes you have in stock because if you own many boots for example and you want to keep them undamaged, you will have to buy a shoe closet equipped with wider spaces. There are lots of shoes closet to choose from: bins, boxes, shoe racks, dividers, hangers or hook.

Step 2

Some of them are meant to be kept on the floor and others are made to be hung on the walls or on the doors. You can even buy a carousel type of organizer if you like to feel like you are at shopping whenever you enter the closet area. A closet like this will also encourage and attract the others to keep their shoes well-organized. Lots of shoe closets are available in various sizes, so don't worry if you like one very much but the space in your storage place is small.

Step 3

Have a look at for more lots of shoes solutions and narrow down the search by selecting a few criteria like price, seller, brand, material, size and many others. If you really own lots of shoes, a good idea would be to buy shoe boxes. These are more recommended than the other ones because you they often come with spaces for labels to be applied. You can either write the name of the shoes or you can stick a photo of the shoes found in the box, anyway it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

If you have bought a closet for the shoes and you are looking forward to put them on the shelves, quench yourselves because you need a plan.

Step 4

If you have lots of shoes you can not just put them in the closet without any logic and order because the next time you look for a certain pair of footwear you will surely not find them easily. Take your time and sort your lots of shoes. 

Step 5

Think of what footwear should remain in the entrance way, put together the ones which have the same color or the ones falling in the same category of style. In case the shoe closet is meant to shelter the footwear of all your family members, sort them according to whom they belong. Also, give up the old shoes that you think you will not wear again.


All that said, organizing your closet when you have lots of shoes is not so easy nor is it pleasant, but if you try to imagine how nice your corridor will look without the shoes to block the way, you will start the work immediately.

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