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Published at 03/11/2012 18:25:40


Feeling the heads turning in your direction? Now you are sure that you have made the right choice wearing Dr. Martens shoes. With the amazing touch of a new self confidence and a glowing smile, your day is going to be perfect. The best thing is your good old blue jeans is no longer a simple clothe item worn for comfort, but a part of your fashionable attire. Dr. Martens shoes (also called docs, DMs, Doc Martens) are a glorious piece of art waiting to be put on and do their magic.


Dr. Martens shoes is a British brand of footwear which is widely recognized and loved. The brand shares a very interesting history. During World War II, a young German doctor named Klaus Marten hurt his ankle while skiing. Later he felt that his boots were quite uncomfortable for his injured foot. He made a few modifications in his boots with the help of leather and tires. The shoes turned out to be very convenient. Marten then bought leather from a cobbler, designed shoes with air-padded soles (the famous bouncing soles). He was not very successful in selling shoes until 1947 when he partnered up with his friend Dr. Herbert Funck in Munich.

Their shoes got so popular that they had to open a factory. In 1959, a British shoes manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd bought the rights to manufacture the Dr. Martens shoes. In 1960, first Dr. Martens shoes came out with a better air cushioned soles which were trademarked Airway and an additional trademark as yellow stitching. They were an immediate hit among everyone.postmen, factory workers, skinheads, teens and even housewives. Not long after they became the most worn and iconic fashion item. Since then they have also released a variety of other accessories like shoe care products, luggage and clothes.

Dr Martens shoes not only look gorgeous but they are flexible and durable. The shoes are constructed out with simply the best material only. Each and every pair of shoes is given an exclusive style and care, so each pair is symbolic and unique in its own way. Fashion is not limited to women. Men also have the right to have an amazing wardrobe and look handsome. Marten men's boots are designed with a high quality soft leather. They are shiny, sleek, masculine and an ideal choice for a man.

The boots are perfect to be worn in winter and fall with a matching jacket or pants. Dr. Martens shoes offer a range of products so women do not need to worry about limitations. They are available in massive range of colors including a royal purple, ice blue, cherry red, hot shocking pink and an elegant black along with a thousand of patterns and design. Dr. Martens shoes and boots look real cute with a short dress, cardigans or a pair of tight leggings. Vintage shoes are also available for those who are going for a creative and artistic look.

Tips and comments

Dr. Martens shoes ensure safety and comfort. They are waterproof so no more reason to fear the rain. Furthermore, they come with a shock absorbing feature that provides safety against slippery, oily and wet surfaces and long jumps.


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