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About the Brand Of Jessica Simpson Shoes

Published at 03/15/2012 02:13:51


There seems to be an instant attraction between shoes and women. It comes naturally to them as if all women are carrying genes of fashion. Shoes are like little personalities that gradually merge with yours and reflect the overall result, which with the perfect shoes can be very charismatic. We all know that a new pair of shoes can do wonders to perk up the mood. There is no doubt that a new set of adorable pink pumps can brighten up the day like a new sun has risen. For these simple reasons, Simpson Jessica shoes are here to make you feel even more amazing and beautiful. The endless collection of Jessica shoes is mouthwatering that will steal the heart of shoes lovers in a matter of nanoseconds.


Jessica Simpson is a widely acclaimed American singer, a TV personality and a fashion designer. In April 2004, Simpson launched her edible cosmetic line called Jessica Simpson Desserts. The cosmetics consist of edible perfume, lip gloss, lip sticks and several other make up material for women. In 2005, she designed a similar line called Dessert treats aimed for a younger age group.

Simpson and a stylist, Ken Paves, created a line of hair and beauty products on the Home Shopping Network. Simpson has successfully launched a fragrance line on 2008, her debut perfume is called Fancy. She also started a clothes, shoes and accessories line under the name Jessica Simpson Collection. The brand includes jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, fragrances along with Jessica shoes and clothes. The brand initially collaborated with a Nine West Co-founder Vince Camuto and due to its favorable outcome, the brand has currently got 22 licenses. It is one of the biggest selling celebrity lines.


Everyone wants their own unique style in fashion. Jessica shoes has brought out the exclusive element of style with a touch of celeb fame. Jessica shoes are for every woman and girl. They are funky, sexy as well as affordable. The heels come in a variety of styles. The Princess Peep Toe Slingback Heels are sleek, classy and sophisticated. The high heels are made with comfort in mind. Fling on a set of slingbacks and strut your walk. Bendie high heels are a gorgeous set of heels, available in massive range of colors, that can turn millions of head in your direction in admiration. The pumps are made from a high quality material like suede and patent leather. Buy them in any color, pattern and design you desire like burnt red, vibrant orange, sleek silver, a royal purple as Mary Jane, Stilettos or high heels. Beat the ugly cold weather this fall by wearing a sophisticated pair of ankle high boots with your jeans, leggings, skirts and whatnot. Trendy and funky sandals are an ideal choice for a lazy evening out in summer. Happily walk around the city, beaches and malls wearing these stylish and cool sandals.

Tips and comments

Every woman needs to get at least a pair of Jessica shoes for her wardrobe. They are comfortable, classy, feminine and chic. They are available in amazingly reasonable prices. Try them out with what ever type of dress you want and accessorize with jewelry, put on a little make up and a bright smile and you are sure to have a fantastic time.


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