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If you are an experienced rock climber, you would already know the importance of having the right type and brand of rock shoes for your rock climbing activities. However, if you are a novice or just someone who is relatively new to this sport, you might place more importance on other climbing gear and may not think that owning a pair of good quality rock shoes is an issue of much importance or concern.


It is crucial to know that owning the right type of shoe for rock climbing is the most important pre-requisite to have a safe and fulfilling rock climbing experience and it is doubly important as you might be able to manage without something as important sounding as a harness, but without those shoes of yours, you are just likely to be wasting your time on those rocks, unable to do any serious climbing.


While shoes for outdoor activities come in many types, from backpacking boots to tough hiking boots, rock boots are slightly different because although they look harmless and relatively weightless in comparison to other more hefty outdoor activity shoes, these are just as tough and a bit more agile than most. A vast majority of rock shoes are still made by hand, even this age of heavy reliance on machines, and therefore these shoes are considered by many to be an extravagance. However it is crucial to invest in a good and solid pair of rock climbing shoes as these will usually last you for a while, and if you buy ones which suit your feet and meet the type required for your level and intensity of climbing, you may find that it’ll be years before you’re in the market to search for new ones.

When starting your search for your ultimate rock shoes, remember that there are two basic types of shoes, irrelevant of the brand or price, and you will need to choose the type you want based on how you will be using them. One of these types is the board lasted shoe which has a stiffer sole which is more comfortable and provides a larger degree of support. For the newbie to rock climbing, the board lasted rock shoes will be the best as they are somewhat more supportive and will be easier to wear if your feet and toes are not as developed to support your body weight. The other type of rock shoes are the slip lasted, which have a sole made of the material with which the top of the boot is made, with a sole of rubber glued at the bottom. These types of shoes are best for people with a bit more experience and who can handle a shoe which is not stiff and which will allow you a larger degree of bending and flexibility. 

Tips and comments

Remember that when looking for the right rock shoes, size and fit is an essential element to finding a pair that suits you. you also need to remember that sizes will differ by brand names and even across a single brand’s various lines, and buying a shoe online would be unwise if you have not been able to wear it yourself to judge how it fits you. Therefore try on different sizes and both types of shoes in different designs and makes at different retail outlets before you make your final choice.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/15/2012
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About the Rock Brand Of Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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