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Top Tips on Shoes And Accessories

Published at 03/23/2012 17:33:27


Shoes and accessories are the spice of every wardrobe and outfit. If chosen with good taste can show off your personality and make you stand out from the crowd with any occasion, regardless of what you are dressed with. Since the accessories we wear have become a way of expressing ourselves, we might be tempted to think that we can pair them however we like or however our moods dictate us. We can do that but only if we are willing to risk looking decorated like clowns.

Step 1

First, when pairing shoes with outfits, always decide which one is the focal point. If, on one hand, you decide the clothing is the one meant to make a fashion statement, put on some simple shoes and accessories. If, on the other hand, your shoes are the piece of resistance, complete their look with something that doesn't compete against them.

Step 2

Second, be bold with shoes and accessories only if you are able to put them out with attitude. Since the only situation when you can't wear them with attitude is when you dont feel comfortable literally and figuratively, you should choose them according to your taste, not according to the latest fashion trend, and also you should not make compromises concerning the size of the shoes.

Step 3

The third top tip on shoes and accessories refers to choosing the right bags. Just as there are outfits for every body type, there are also bags for every body type. Bags with longer straps add fullness to the hips and those with short straps complement some narrow shoulders. For the straight body types, without a defined waistline, are recommended the bags that end at the waist level to define it. The hourglass shaped women can wear everything as long as they don't ruin the balance between the shoulders and hips width.

If we are in the bag area, consider the following idea: bags are not only good accessories to spice your outfit, but are also practical things that offer a storage space for various objects you need when you go out. So choose bags made from resistant materials and watch for the interior to be padded with multiple pockets if you like to keep things organized.

Step 4

Another top tip to consider is to game at least two of the following accessories: shoes, belts, bags and jewelery. If you are good at matching colors, you can break this rule as long as you don't look too loaded. Also, the color of the shoes should be from the same range like the clothing color, regardless if it is brighter or darker.

The most interesting top tip for shoes and accessories is that their color can make the legs look longer or shorter. For example, the shoes in bright colors will elongate the legs and will give the big feet a smaller appearance.


All this said, shoes, and accessories should work together to show you off. If shoes compete against accessories, the outfit has all the chances to be ruined.

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