Celebritiies That Wear Size 4 Women Shoes
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Celebritiies That Wear Size 4 Women Shoes

Published at 03/22/2012 20:41:23


Celebritiies That Wear Size 4 Women Shoes

It is funny how we look up to celebrities in many ways and in the strangest ways possible. The girl who cannot lose weight will take inspiration from the curvy actress, the one who is too concerned about what others think of her will look up to the singer who dares to be different. This is why controversies spark so quickly because what celebrities do or wear has an effect on their audience. Shoe sizes are no different. The smallest size one can think of is size 4 shoes or size 5 shoes since these are literally down to “infant” level you can say. Let us see how one is supposed to live with a shoe size that can only sport size 4 shoes.


Celebritiies That Wear Size 4 Women Shoes

One thing you should know about shoe sizes is that just because you have feet a certain size does not mean you have to wear the same sized shoes. There are ways with which you can make a bigger size fit you well. So if a celebrity has a size 4 feet then that does not mean he/she wears size 4 shoes. See, with open shoes like flip flops you can get away with really small sizes but with heels you need to have an exact size. You will be surprised to know that the diva Kylie Minogue is in the petite feet group. The Australian singer already has a huge fan following because of her glam look and her recent survival from cancer. Her taste in shoes also makes her a role model to many young girls.


Celebritiies That Wear Size 4 Women Shoes

Show sizes embark quite a lot of debate and here is the reason why. The thing is ultra huge sizes and ultra petite sizes feel that they are underrepresented. As in, all the amazing, good to die for shoes go to the “middle” order. But as far as size 4 shoes are concerned look around, there are sites for online buying. Other than that Victoria’s Secret deals with petite sizes and so do celebrity designers like Ivanka Trump and Jessica Simpson! Another famous celebrity on the small shoe brigade is Hayden Panettiere. Hayden has starred in countless teen movies and her recent claim to fame was her very central role in the TV series “Heroes”. In order to help petite feet get into nicer shoes many foot and sole extension pads have been introduced so small feet fit into bigger sized shoes.

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Rachel Bilson of “How I met your mother” is also among those who wear petite shoe sizes. Another famous name is the well known actress Christina Ricci who sports a petite show size. With many designers introducing petite shoe sizes, size 4 shoes are not that hard to find in the market now. Moreover with such famous ladies to sought these shoes you don’t need to worry about good designs not being available. Online sites and famous stores are stocking up on all sizes now, be it petite or Grande. So get yourself out there and find the right shoe that fits you the best!


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