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What Type Of Shoes To Wear With a Long Skirt


Pairing the wrong shoes with a long skirt can be a disaster, and therefore you need to know exactly what type of shoes to wear so that they will go well with a long skirt. When you are planning to wear a long skirt, you will need suitable shoes which will be compatible with the length as well as the fullness of the skirt. It is always said that the right shoes to go with long skirts are the cowboy boots and the ballerina flats but your sense of style as well as the proportions of the skirt you are wearing matter a lot when choosing the right footwear. The following are some of the best choices of shoes to wear with a long skirt:


1. Boots and Kitten Heel Pumps
You will find the boots as well as the kitten heel pumps convenient to wear especially during rainy days. You can as well wear ankle boots that will give you a tall-boot like look which will make you feel so comfortable in the shoes. When it comes to the kitten heel pumps, a white blouse with a long skirt that goes well with it will be a perfect match. It will be a very good outfit especially for those ladies who work in offices and they have to dress formally. When a kitten heel that measures about two inches and below is worn with tights, it will complement very well with a long skirt by creating height as well as balancing the length of the skirt.

2. Flats and Sandals
A long skirt will be perfect with shoes that have a short heel. Ballet flats that have got round toes will create a low key and give you a look that is so elegant. In the event that the skirt you are wearing is solid-colored linen, cotton or maybe silk then jewel encrusted sandals will be the best to add sparkle to the outfit. For an office lady, pointed toe flat shoes worn with a long skirt will be wonderful for both business and casual events.

3. Chunky Wedge Sandals
These will be perfect if worn with a long skirt especially when it is summer. You may need to choose the sandals properly because some of the wedge sandals might end up being too clunky when worn with a long skirt. They will be most appropriate for short people for they will give them additional height as well as an alternative to a comfortable stiletto.


Since a long skirt will tend to cover most of the lower part of the body, you will need to make sure that you do the following to avoid creating a look that is broken and unbalanced:

i. You will need to become apart of the skirt visually.
ii. You may also consider adding length beneath the hemline of the skirt to make the skirt appear shorter and avoid making your legs seem longer.

Tips and comments

iii. Another important thing to do is to eliminate creases and lines from the skirt that might make it look unbalanced.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/29/2012
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What Type Of Shoes To Wear With a Long Skirt. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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