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Published at 04/01/2012 21:24:40


Shoes are an article of footwear. their basic purpose was to protect human feet while walking though later more comforting aspects were taken under consideration while designing shoes. In fact shoes have slowly developed to be a decorative item. Various styles of shoes have been introduced to public through retailers specialising in shoes sales. They are usually known as shoes store. there are different types of shoes designed for specific purposes, like for football players studs are manufactures, for formal wear high heels and expensive material shoes are made and boots are designed for mountaineering. Shoe styles are according to culture, costume and fashion. From slippers to long johns and athletic shoes to boots, creativity in shoes designing is a talent which is being utilized greatly by companies that are running famous shoes store. Many stores concentrating on selling shoes also offer shoes accessories.

Step 1

Shoes and clothes have been introduced among people from a very early age. As humans found ways for their convenience, they also found ways to make sure comfortable and protective walk for their feet. These also became a means of earning for many as shoes store were introduced. In the past centuries, shoes were made from animal skin. Slowly as sense of design developed among people and creativity took over, sandals where introduced. Also, from there shoe manufacturing took a hike of continuous development. People created shoes according to their need at first but then according to style. A variety of soles were familiarized as more material and ways of making shoes were figured out.

Step 2

When you are out to shop for some footwear, what do you look for in a shoes store? Mostly you look for a wide range of variety of shoes available at the store first. Then comes the cost, if it is reasonable and whether it lies within your budget range and finally the customer service at the store. Women often lose count of the number of times they discover a pair of shoes that they adore but sadly they have to walk away as the cost is too high. In that case, it is advised to go for a local brand store. Local brands are comparatively cheaper and contain a larger variety but to find the perfect pair of shoes you are looking for, you'll have to really look around. Some best local brands are “Cozycot”, “Shoe Sensation” and many more. Every area has their local brands so it is almost impossible to name the best.

Step 3

According to surveys, large numbers of people consider different stores as best, according to their taste and convenience. However, if you are willing to spend on you foot wear, then there are a number of brands like “Lark N Finch”, “Charles and Keith”, “Unze”, “ALDO” and many other famous yet expensive brands. If you are not much of a spender, then buying an expensive branded shoe once in a while wont hurt.

Tips and Comments

Going to shoes store has now been made even more convenient through online shopping. If you have the desire to wear branded shoes with affordable prices, then online shopping is what you are looking for. People often put their branded shoes and other stuff on sales on websites like eBay. They may be secondhand but give you the same exquisite look.


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