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5 Tips For Wearing Training Shoes


Training or working out is an everyday thing that has become essential to human life and health. Training ranges from a simple walk to intense running. Whichever training serves you best, it is good to make sure that you have the right and proper training shoes. This is because wearing the wrong shoes for the right training can cause you some damage and cost you a lot moneywise as well as health wise. It is good to make sure you have the right information before wearing your training shoes and embarking on that very important training session. Here are some of the tips for wearing training shoes the right way.

Step 1

First and foremost, before finding the training shoes to wear, it is good to arm yourself with information about your feet. It is essential to understand your feet as well as their needs. It is true that most shoe stores understand the basic knowledge behind good training shoes; it is, therefore, important for you to be well equipped.

Step 2

You should not make your training shoes multitask. Walking shoes and running shoes are very different in structure as well as features. Walking shoes are stiffer while running shoes are more flexible. So do not make the mistake of running in your walking shoes or you will end up lying on your couch nursing some serious injuries.

Step 3

You also have to know your feet. Forget the basics of having ten toes, but really understand the concepts that accompany them. For instance, do you have an ach or not, are your feet flat or not, is your arch high or low. These are the facts that will help you determine the training shoes that are perfect and comfortable for your feet.

Step 4

You should also measure your feet frequently. We all know that as human beings, we keep growing so make sure you keep tabs on your feet’s growth as well. This will help you know when it is time to buy new training shoes in a lager size or retain your own size. When buying your shoes, you should know that different brand do not necessarily have the same sizes as indicated; they usually vary. So do not buy a shoe size but training shoes that fit your feet.

Step 5

When you are going to buy your training shoes, it is advisable to shop towards the end of the day this is because your feet usually swell as the day goes by. This will ensure that the training shoes you buy will still be comfortable even if your feet swell up during training.


It will do you and your body a lot of good to understand the features of your training shoes. You should also be aware that good training shoes are quite expensive due to the good quality, so if you feel that the shoes you are buying are a bit cheap, they might be counterfeit. You should also know when to replace your shoes. If you use them for so long and they exceed their working period, they could harm you.

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By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/07/2012
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