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Everyone wants to be the one who has the best ringtone. No one wants to have an embarrassing ringtone to a point that their phone is always on silent mode. It is not that easy to find the best ringtone because you are always spoilt for choice when it comes to selection. You can find free download ringtones for your phone. The best free download ringtones are the ones that make you comfortable and do not embarrass you at all. Here are some tips for finding the best free download ringtones.

Step 1

To get the best free download ringtones you have to find a website that does not have hidden charges. Some websites mask themselves to offer free downloads while in fact they have some hidden charges after you have already downloaded your desired ringtones. You can ask around to be sure which websites are completely free and do not have hidden charges.

Step 2

To get the best free download ringtones you can search the internet to find the best free download ringtones by your favorite artists and musicians. Be careful not to download viruses into your phone because you can download some music that is attached with viruses and unwanted software.

Step 3

The best free download ringtones are ones that will not land you in trouble with the law. Some websites promote piracy and allow downloads that are illegal. If you conduct such downloads you might be putting yourself at risk. So before downloading from any website, be sure to understand their policies first just to be safe.

Step 4

The best free download ringtones should be of the best quality. You do not want to have poor or low quality ringtones that are not that good and are not even useable they only use up space in your phone. The best quality in a ringtone is very clear and has a nice ring to it. So as you decide on the best ringtone to choose just make sure it is of good quality.

Step 5

The best free download ringtones should be compatible and ones that can be used on your phone. Some websites offer ringtones that are saved in certain formats such that they cannot be opened nor used in your phone. Others go as far as saying that you will need to buy certain software so as to be able to use the ringtone. This is jus a scheme so that they can be able to charge you some money at the end of the day. Do not fall for such like schemes. If you doubt the format just delete the ringtone and download from another website.


The best free download ringtones are hustle free but you will have to hustle for them as you may know nothing good ever comes easy. Try and download your ringtones from reputable sites to save yourself any kind of agony. Downloading is easy finding the best site is the hard work. Download something that will serve you for a while as compared to those that will not.

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By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/06/2012
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