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Everyone wants to be the one with the latest and coolest ringtone and no one wants to spend lots of money for that one ringtone. Yes we all want to download free ringtone into our phones without a lot of hustle. Finding and downloading a good ringtone can sometimes be a lot of work due to some of the many procedures that some websites want people go through before getting to that much loved ringtone. Here are some ways to download free ringtones and have a good time doing it.

Step 1

There are very many websites that allow you free ringtones download but not all of them are loaded with the music you want. Some are limited in genre as well as artists or musicians. One of the easiest things to do while trying to download free ringtones, you can decide to type in the specific ringtone you are interested in then chose from the options that you are given.

Step 2

Some websites have a variety of ringtones but you end up noticing that for you to download free ringtones they put you through tiring and boring questions while all you want is to download a ringtone of your own liking. To avoid such, you can try a download free ringtones from reputable websites that have already established themselves.

Step 3

Some sites allow piracy which is illegal. Before you decide to download free ringtones from any site you can do your research and confirm that the have the legal rights to be able to let you download free ringtones from their site so that you do not end up in trouble with the law. Do not involve yourself with illegal downloads.

Step 4

Quality is very important while finding your ringtones. It would be embarrassing is your phone rung and the ringtone is of very low quality and it sounds really bad. To avoid such you can decide to find sites that allow you to download free ringtones of the best quality. With a quality ringtone you do not have to be embarrassed even if your phone rings in a multitude of people.

Step 5

Some websites do not allow some brands and types of some phones to download free ringtones. If you have had such a problem you can decide to find a website that allows you to download free ringtones to your specific phone. You can do your own personal research as to which websites offer or allow you to download free ringtones of your liking to your kind of phone


The best way to get to download free ringtones to your phone or computer is to directly try and find the site that will work best with phone as well as one with the best quality. To minimize more work in the future you can decide to download several ringtones and change them now and again. A good ringtone is one that has good quality and the one that sets you apart from all your friends and partners. Find a site with the best to download free ringtones and stick to it.

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By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/06/2012
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