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How Exercise Helps With The Body And Mental Health


We all have heard that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. These days’ people are getting more and more ignorant to this fact. We have been so-called, become super busy in our lives that we have started to ignore physical exercise, even though we all are aware that mental health and exercise have positive correlation, but nonetheless, it is still not important enough to the majority of people. Various studies and research have proven that mental health and exercise not only help in getting fit, but they provide relief of various health ailments.


Exercise has long been a way to stay healthy and is used by everyone in the world regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or nationality. Although the forms of it vary around the world, it exists, in one way or another, everywhere. Exercise can be defined as an activity that may enhance or maintain overall health, thus including body and mental health. If fashion trends are considered, currently it is actually fashionable to go to the gym and remain fit. However, being fit just to look good is not only the benefit, mental health and exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy mind and be more work efficient.


Doing exercise improves our overall well-being and mental health. It reduces the likelihood of tension and depression; you start feeling good about yourself and get more focused on your work; another important benefit of mental health and exercise is, it increases the withdrawal symptoms you get more determined to quit bad habits like smoking and alcohol. As you get older, exercise helps you to be mobile and independent in the old age. We have noticed that we work less when we get tired; basically, we get mentally tired due to the lack of exercise and stamina. Doing proper exercise helps to get relief from stress, and it freshens up our mind, we feel more active and work more. There are a number of exercises that helps to improve your mental health. Aerobics, for instance, helps to reduce depression in our body by increasing the heart rate and elevating the blood circulation in our body. Walking outdoors in parks and in green environment improves our overall sense of well-being. Inhaling fresh air, removes impurities from our body. Swimming also helps to relax our muscles and mind, whether you do it indoors or outdoors. Over the past few decades, physical movement has become mandatory for our well-being. Half of the population around the globe is addicted to the remote control trauma, sitting on their couch all day along and eating fast food constantly. That’s why we are more prone to heart attacks, depression, cholesterol level, diabetes, whereas if we see our grandparents, they were much better than us in their age, why? In our lives, walking has been replaced with cars and bikes, cleaning home have been replaced with vacuum cleaners; we sit all day in front of our computer screens working and to top that we can get everything delivered to our home now.

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Mental health and exercise have become so important now that most of the organizations have not prescribed to weight limits, they have given the maximum weight limit that a particular employee can have, and if they cross that limit, they are forced to join gym and lose weight, why are organizations being bothered by it? They all know that mental health and exercise are important for working more efficiently and effectively.

By Amara, published at 03/24/2012
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How Exercise Helps With The Body And Mental Health. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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